Spicy - Exotic Music for Violin by Biber, Schmelzer & Fux Les Passions de l'Ame feat. Meret Lüthi

Cover Spicy - Exotic Music for Violin by Biber, Schmelzer & Fux

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Label: deutsche harmonia mundi

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Les Passions de l'Ame feat. Meret Lüthi

Composer: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704), Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741), Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1620-1680)

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  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1623–1680): Fechtschule à 4 in G major
  • 1I. Aria 101:13
  • 2II. Aria 201:00
  • 3III. Sarabande00:54
  • 4IV. Courente00:42
  • 5V. Fechtschule02:17
  • 6VI. Bader Aria01:05
  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644–1704): Harmonia Artificioso-Ariosa in D major for two Violins and Contiuno: Partia VI
  • 7I. Praeludium02:54
  • 8II. Aria e Variato 1-1310:55
  • 9III. Finale01:47
  • Sonata violino solo representativa for Violin and Contiunio in A major
  • 10I. Allegro02:05
  • 11II. Nachtigal01:50
  • 12III. Cu Cu00:45
  • 13IV. Fresch00:47
  • 14V. Adagio00:36
  • 15VI. Die Henn, Der Hann00:37
  • 16VII. Die Wachtel00:55
  • 17VIII. Die Katz00:45
  • 18IX. Musquetir Mars01:21
  • 19X. Allemande02:29
  • Johann Joseph Fux (1660–1741): Turcaria, Partita a tre in C major for two Violins and Continuo, K 331
  • 20I. Turcaria02:02
  • 21II. Passacaglia (Andante)02:08
  • 22III. Janitschara01:32
  • 23IV. Posta turcica01:51
  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata for Violin and Continuo in A Minor -Die Türkenschlacht bei Wien 1683-
  • 24I. Der Türken Anmarsch01:21
  • 25II. Der Türken Belagerung der Stadt Wien01:17
  • 26III. Der Türken Stürmen02:08
  • 27IV. Anmarsch der Christen01:41
  • 28V. Treffen der Christen00:59
  • 29VI. Durchgang der Türken01:01
  • 30VII. Victori der Christen01:48
  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Harmonia Artificioso-Ariosa in A major for two Violins and Contiunio: Partia III
  • 31I. Praeludium01:21
  • 32II. Allemande02:00
  • 33III. Amener01:05
  • 34IV. Balletto00:47
  • 35V. Gigue00:33
  • 36VI. Ciacona03:41
  • Total Runtime01:02:12

Info for Spicy - Exotic Music for Violin by Biber, Schmelzer & Fux

Austrian baroque music, spiced with oriental exoticness, virtuosity, scordatura (= down tuning of the strings), programmatic approaches, dulcimer & percussion, played on violins by Jacobus Stainer.

The Sonata violino solo representativa by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704) features 10 pieces imitating animals, such as a frog, nightingale or cat in a very unusual, funny and highly virtuosic way.

“The Stainer violins sound great...it is almost as if having them in their hands has spurred Meret Luthi and her companions to ever greater freedom, for they make a mighty, fruity sound...There are times when they could tone things down and little...but frankly I'm finding this thrilling debut disc pretty hard to resist.” (Gramophone)

Meret Lüthi, violin
Les Passions de l'Ame

Les Passions de l’Ame
Bern’s resident early music ensemble directed by violinist Meret Lüthi, has been seeking to create fresh sounds since 2008. Lively interpretations on historical instruments are the trademark of this international orchestra that “brings fresh air to the occasionally stuffy classical music business” (Berner Zeitung 2010).

Highlights over the last six years have been the Celebrations of Europes Cultural Capital Riga (2014), the Bach Academy Brugge (2013), the Berlin Early Music Days (2012), a concert with soprano Simone Kermes at the Rheinfall Festival Schaffhausen (2012), and another with soprano Carolyn Sampson at the opening concert of the Bern Music Festival (2011). In 2011 Les Passions de l’Ame also contributed to the historic Belgian early music festival “MAfestival Brugge”, and to the “Bach en Combrailles” festival in France.

The musicians of Les Passions de l’Ame are internationally renowned specialists in early music and work as soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians with ensembles such as the Freiburger Barockorchester and the Belgian Baroque Orchestra Ghent B’Rock. They also teach at the Antwerp Conservatoire and the Hochschule der Künste Bern. This “top class baroque ensemble” (Schaffhauser Nachrichten 2012) aims to arouse curiosity for both known and unknown 17th- and 18th-century repertoire with its snappy and witty programs, such as “Passion Attacks”, “The Seven Deadly Sins”, or “Delirio Amoroso» in its successful concert series in Bern, “Alte Musik? – Ganz neu!” (Ancient music? – Completely new!).

The name of the orchestra refers to an essay written by René Descartes in 1649, in which the philosopher speaks of the passion which mediates between body and soul. The ensemble perceives music as having precisely this mediative role, and aims to transmit “les passions” with immediacy in concert.

Les Passions de l’Ame’s concerts are regularly broadcast on Swiss radio SRF 2 Kultur. The ensemble’s first CD, cSPICY”, was released by SONY Music Switzerland and was immediately awarded the Diapason d’Or. Encouraged by enthusiastic reviews, the orchestra released its second CD, “Bewitched”, in September 2014, featuring the bewitching soprano Robin Johannsen.

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