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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Pop Latino

Interpret: Tony Succar

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  • 1I Want You Back04:44
  • 2Billie Jean05:03
  • 3Man In The Mirror05:10
  • 4Sera Que No Me Amas04:43
  • 5Earth Song06:26
  • 6Human Nature04:13
  • 7Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu04:25
  • 8Black Or White04:20
  • 9Smooth Criminal04:40
  • 10They Don't Care About Us05:07
  • 11Thriller04:35
  • 12You Are Not Alone05:05
  • Total Runtime58:31

Info zu Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson

Peruvian musician Tony Succar has gathered great artists like La India, Tito Nieves, Michael Stuart and Obie Bermudez to pay tribute to the late King of Pop through a project of his dubbed “Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson.”

Fueled by his relentless commitment, quiet determination and passionate faith in the loving message behind much of Michael Jackson's music, producer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Tony Succar has thoughtfully created Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson. The result is Jackson's timeless pop and R&B tunes, such as 'Thriller,' 'Billie Jean,' and 'I Want You Back' married with glorious salsa and tropical rhythms, resulting in innovative, vibrant arrangements that snap to life with exhilarating energy.

The groundbreaking album embodies Jackson's spirit of harmony and bringing diverse cultures together through music. 'The one thing that stood out in Michael's music was love. The reality was unity,' Succar says. He continues, 'I also wanted the title to stand for something: a real marriage between Latin roots and American pop culture, and to help keep Michael's legacy alive.'

The birth of Unity came when Succar arranged a salsa-infused version of 'Thriller' for a Halloween party in Miami. The reaction was so immediate and overwhelmingly positive that he recorded a version in his bedroom with his band, posted it online and gave away copies. DJs started playing the track and Succar began getting requests from around the world for a full album of Latin-flavored Jackson songs. 'That sparked it,' Succar says. 'I was such a fan. I felt like I had to do something.'

Part of keeping Jackson's legacy alive meant incorporating elements of the original production in each of his fresh renditions for Unity. 'Even the horn lines, I would transcribe them from Quincy Jones' productions and then apply them to the arrangement in a different way,' Succar says. 'The essence of every song was respected. I gave it my best to create this very thin line between what Michael did with his production and what I brought to the project.'

With Succar taking producer and arranger credits, Unity also features two tracks – 'Earth Song' and 'Smooth Criminal' -- mixed by Michael Jackson's legendary engineer Bruce Swedien with Nick Valentin. Grammy winner Carlos Alvarez engineered the rest of the album achieving a sonically crisp sound.

'American funk, soul, jazz—all those styles that were influencing Michael— were inspired from African music,' Succar says. 'Same with Afro-Peruvian music, Cuban music. These songs were meant to be. Their original flavor lends itself to these Latin rhythms.'

Tony Succar
Born into a family of talented musicians in Lima, Peru on May 18, 1986, Tony Succar’s very DNA must be imbued with cadence and rhythm. The Succar family moved to Miami, Florida when Tony was just two; at the ripe old age of 13, Tony’s own music career began. He says, “I was privileged to be brought up in a family of musicians: I couldn’t be more grateful.” Succar’s music education began on piano then segued to percussion. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Performance from Florida International University in 2008 and his Master’s degree in 2010. This year Succar became the youngest Artist-in-Residence FIU has ever had.

Succar has worked with artists Arturo Sandoval, Néstor Torres, Ed Calle, Tito Nieves, La India, Obie Bermudez, Jennifer Peña, and Tito Puente Jr., among others. Growing up in Miami—a multi-cultural “Melting Pot”—molded him into a versatile musician, prompting him to make the most of his prodigious talent.

President of his own record label, Mixtura Productions, Tony Succar is well-versed in a number of professional roles: bandleader, percussionist, musician, producer, composer, and arranger. He is currently endorsed by Gon Bops, a top percussion brand. Whether in a timbales solo, an orchestration, or an explosive groove, Succar’s sound is gripping and distinctive and accommodates the energies and interests of musicians and dancers. Notably, at every performance, Tony focuses on the integrity of his music.

Succar’s compositions emphasize combinations of syncopation, harmonic curiosity, rhythmic uniformity, and tasteful melodies. With his unique arrangements and personal charisma, Succar breaks the mold to create enticing masterpieces for all. Tony’s debut album (CD/DVD) “Live at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center” is a prime example. The album received excellent reviews from mainstream media, including this one: “An exciting fusion of South America, Cuba, Jazz and South Beach flavor from an up-and-coming artist who will almost certainly be heard from more in the future.” – Jazz Chicago Reviews.

Assembling an exceptional production team and featured artists, Tony Succar has created The UNITY Project, a unique endeavor aimed at the minds, ears and hearts of a global audience. Pop legend Michael Jackson’s music and life philosophies heavily influenced Tony as a youngster and teenager, truly igniting his musical ideas and passion. The UNITY Project is the result: an innovative sound that interconnects elements of American Pop, Jazz, Tropical, and World Music with the enduring foundations of the King of Pop. The UNITY album will explode beyond mainstream media to appeal indefinitely to markets around the world.

Tell us about the band..(how did it all get started, the members of the band etc)

The Unity Band is basically my original Mixtura Band but with reinforcements! It’s a 49 piece orchestra! And all the members are dear friends of mine who all share the same passion for music! We are here to show the world how much Michael still means to all of us!

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