Gravity Till Krüger

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Label: 200 Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

Interpret: Till Krüger

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FormatPreisIm WarenkorbKaufen
FLAC 44.1 $ 11,30
  • 1Leave05:10
  • 2Alright06:09
  • 3Even05:41
  • 4Decade06:21
  • 5Receive05:53
  • 6Two06:10
  • 7Gravity05:55
  • 8Distance04:48
  • Total Runtime46:07

Info zu Gravity

It’s been a while since our stalwart for sensitive Dubtechno and classy Detroit sounds has blessed us at 200 Records with a release. Now, we happily present his delicate debut. Offering an artist’s big picture. An artist, honing his craft with refined, gentleman-like attitude.

Till’s sound caught our hearts, ears and minds a decade ago. And ever since his first release in 2010, Till maintained serving ideas with a humble love for distinctive sounds. Everything falls in place in his digestable, organic flow of sounds and patterns. Birthing trademark tracks, working like perfectly painted pictures. Magnetitzing you, drawing you in. Proving, that as much as gravity keeps us grounded and centered, it was gravity that spurred the ancient dream. To fly! His well-balanced tracks keep you based and make you fly all the same!

Till draws on a wide range of technoid music. Oscillating effortlessly between softer ambiances, crisp beats, classy synths and warm, wailing bass-lines. Really closing in on his own sound, this album concludes his sound research over the last 10 years. As he told us, he was looking for an album, which ‚won’t bother you’. For real... the most modest aim we heard from any artist. His music though – totally lives up to it. „Gravity“ is a thoughtful and warmly pulsating, reliable companion, made of what Till defines as Techno.

His dynamically ever evolving Live Acts were shaping this album, and its classic design: 8 tracks, a double vinyl – tracks that could form one of his sensual yet driving, energetic livesets. Elegant, majestic, full of soothing, positive energy and finer pressure, „Gravity“ defines (y)our space and pace: „Leave“ opens up „Gravity“ - a festive ambient affair, proper intro stuff. On 126bpm - should you not believe it. That tempo, by the way, caters for all tracks on „Gravity“! „Alright“ has us imagine a night-flight by means of eclectic Detroit styles. Electroid, exciting, erotic – that’s the feel of this beautiful body of a track. „Decade“,„Even“ and „Receive“ showcase those dubby Krüger chords we’re all fond of here at the camp. Till honours their history, enriching them again. „Two“ bows down to acid in a light-hearted way, shaping a dense nocturnal atmosphere of special texture.

The second non-clubtrack, „Distance“ closes the album with tickling high-hats, scattered beats and flirtatious bass-pulses that seem to release us again. Off we gravitate – into some beautiful orbit. Floating totally free again, after this array of timeless gravity shots. So? Gravitate with Till to whatever extent and spot you feel!

Till Krüger

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