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  • Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759): Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 (Sung in German) [Version by F. Mendelssohn]:
  • 1Overture09:31
  • 2Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Nun kam ein neuer Konig uber Agypten (Tenor)00:23
  • 3Pt. 1: Part I: Und die Kinder Israel schrien (Chorus)03:23
  • 4Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Da sandt' er Moses (Tenor)00:39
  • 5Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Aber die Zaubrer auch (Bass)00:32
  • 6Pt. 1: Part I: Aria: Und Frosche ohne Zahl bedeckten das Land (Bass)02:22
  • 7Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Die Plage wich (Tenor)00:14
  • 8Pt. 1: Part I: Er sprach das Wort (Chorus)02:06
  • 9Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Dies neue Wunder zeigtdie Ohnmacht (Tenor)00:31
  • 10Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Doch Pharao trotzt in seinem stolzen Herzen (Tenor)00:25
  • 11Pt. 1: Part I: Hagel statt Regen fiel herab (Chorus)02:17
  • 12Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Pharao sah's an mit tiefem Jammer (Bass)01:05
  • 13Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Moses verliess die Stadt mit frohem Herzen (Tenor)00:14
  • 14Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Als Pharao alles friedlich ruhen sah (Bass)00:33
  • 15Pt. 1: Part I: Er sandte dicke Finsternis uber all das Land (Chorus)03:17
  • 16Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Doch als nun Pharao wieder sah die Sonne (Tenor)00:37
  • 17Pt. 1: Part I: Er schlug alle Erstgeburt Agyptens (Chorus)02:40
  • 18Pt. 1: Part I: Aber mit seinem Volke zog er dahin (Chorus)04:31
  • 19Pt. 1: Part I: Recitative: Und Israel war befreit (Soprano)00:19
  • 20Pt. 1: Part I: Aria: Hoffnung lindert unsre Schmerzen (Soprano)03:38
  • 21Pt. 1: Part I: Er gebot es der Meerflut (Chorus)01:51
  • 22Pt. 1: Part I: Aber die Fluten uberwaltigten der Feinde Schar (Chorus)01:07
  • 23Pt. 2: Part II: Introitus: Moses und die Kinder Israel (Chorus)00:57
  • 24Pt. 2: Part II: Ich will singen meinem Gott (Chorus)02:34
  • 25Pt. 2: Part II: Duet: Der Herr ist mein Heil und mein Lied (Soprano 1, Soprano 2)04:19
  • 26Pt. 2: Part II: Er ist mein Got (Chorus)00:48
  • 27Pt. 2: Part II: Die Tiefe deckte sie (Chorus)01:56
  • 28Pt. 2: Part II: Deine Rechte, o Herr! (Chorus)02:00
  • 29Pt. 2: Part II: Duet: Die Himmel sind Dein (Alto, Bass)02:30
  • 30Pt. 2: Part II: Und von dem Hauch deines Mundes (Chorus)03:02
  • 31Pt. 2: Part II: Aria: So dachte der Feind (Soprano)02:15
  • 32Pt. 2: Part II: Aria: Aber du liessest wehn Deinen Wind (Soprano)02:12
  • 33Pt. 2: Part II: Wer ist dir gleich (Chorus)02:24
  • 34Pt. 2: Part II: Das horen die Volker und sind erstaunt (Chorus)05:30
  • 35Pt. 2: Part II: Aria: Bringe sie hinein (Alto)03:21
  • 36Pt. 2: Part II: Der Herr ist Konig auf immer und ewig (Chorus)00:38
  • 37Pt. 2: Part II: Recitative: Denn die Reiter Pharaos mit all' ihren Wagen (Tenor)00:33
  • 38Pt. 2: Part II: Der Herr ist Konig auf immer und ewig (Chorus)00:38
  • 39Pt. 2: Part II: Recitative: Und Mirjam, die Prophetin (Tenor)00:31
  • 40Pt. 2: Part II: Singet unserm Gott (Soprano, Chorus)03:17
  • Total Runtime01:21:40

Info zu Handel: Israel in Egypt, HWV 54

Latest release on VIVAT brings Mendelssohn’s astonishing reconstruction of Handel’s great oratorio Israel in Egypt. Mendelssohn’s 1833 Düsseldorf performance has been painstakingly reconstructed from fragments and sources across Europe: the large and colourful orchestra, playing nineteenth-century instruments, produces vivid new sonorities, and the double choir sings magnificently. Listeners familiar with Handel’s 1739 version will also find new numbers, significant changes to the order of movements and very different orchestrations. The work starts with a thrilling, pure-Mendelssohn overture, mixing life and energy with moments of exquisitely shifting instrumental colours. There is fine solo singing from solo sopranos Lydia Teuscher and Julia Doyle, alto Hilary Summers, tenor Benjamin Hulett, and bass Roderick Williams: Robert King and The King’s Consort are on top form.

Extensive presentation includes 60 page booklet with authoritative liner notes in three languages by renowned Mendelssohn expert Prof Larry Todd and by Robert King, full libretto and translation, session photographs and reproductions of Mendelssohn’s manuscripts.

“the results are fascinating – burbling clarinets supply continuo, added solo recitatives fill out the sequence of choral movements, and a totally Mendelssohnian overture now kicks off the story. Handel’s masterly depictions of frogs, plagues and other natural disasters in his choruses are enhanced (though with German texts) in this feisty performance.” (The Guardian)

“with his vast Handelian experience, King ensures that Handel's mighty series of choral frescoes emerge in all their brilliance and incisiveness, aided by a carefully judged choral-orchestral balance…a vividly realised snapshot of a fascinating historical moment” (Gramophone Magazine)

“the performance makes a strong case for the piece, even if Mendelssohn's version is unlikely to make a full-scale comeback. The choir is lively, making every word clear, though some of King's conducting feels on the staid side. All the soloists make their mark.” (BBC Music Magazine)

Lydia Teuscher, soprano
Julia Doyle, soprano
Hilary Summers, alto
Benjamin Hulett, tenor
Roderick Williams, bass
Choir of The King’s Consort & The King’s Consort
Robert King, direction

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