Gemini Rights Steve Lacy

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Label: L-M Records/RCA Records

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Interpret: Steve Lacy

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  • 1Static02:37
  • 2Helmet03:22
  • 3Mercury04:58
  • 4Buttons03:01
  • 5Bad Habit03:52
  • 62gether (Enterlude)00:50
  • 7Cody Freestyle04:00
  • 8Amber02:54
  • 9Sunshine04:53
  • 10Give You the World04:34
  • Total Runtime35:01

Info zu Gemini Rights

Steve Lacy has announced, his new album Gemini Rights, will drop on July 15, 2022 on RCA Records. Along with the news, the multi-artist has shared new single “Bad Habit”. Gemini Rights was written, produced, and mostly played by Lacy.

“My whole philosophy on music is, well, one, get in, get out. I don’t want to take people’s lives. I want them to make a decision to want to keep playing it again. I try my best to make my music to where you want to do that again. I produced about 90% of the record, still. I tried to be like, ‘Oh, I need an executive producer, da, da, da.’ But I ended up still doing it.” (Steve Lacy)

Lacy has collaborated with multiple artists, including producing a track on Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN (“Pride”) on his iPhone. His list of collaborators is a who’s who of game changing artists, all of whom look to Lacy to bring his signature brand of cool to their sonic table: people like Tyler the Creator, Solange, J.Cole, Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors, Kali Uchis, Thundercat, and Mac Miller, not to mention his guitar, bass, songwriting, and production with his bandmates THE INTERNET. His song “Dark Red,” which he literally made on his iPhone, just went platinum a few months ago as well.

Like Lacy himself, the record is described “as an amalgamation of references and influences – everything from Caetono Veloso to Andre 3000’s The Love Below to the Beatles to Sly Stone to his friends/band mates in THE INTERNET and much more. Processing his first real heartbreak of his early 20s, with some songs calling out his ex (see: the first lines of album opener “Static” – “Baby you got somethin’ in your nose / sniffin’ that K, did you fill the hole?”) to others fully lamenting the loss (“Buttons”) and bouncing back with indignance (“Sunshine” featuring glorious vocals by Fousheé) and more”.

“After years as a side player, Gemini Rights (the follow-up to his 2019 debut album Apollo XXI) is a full- fledged declaration of identity made in the spotlight — an opportunity for listeners to further hear what’s entranced and impressed all of his collaborators in those private rooms.” – GQ HYPE

“Lacy is an accomplished producer and writer who has lent his talents to everyone from Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar to Mac Miller and Solange. These artists come to Lacy for a particular blend of genre-defying and densely textured songs that feel like they’re from a different era yet entirely current.” - HIGHSNOBIETY

“Mercury” is a total trip — a five-minute odyssey of bossa nova, psych-rock, R&B and electropop tied together into one gloriously Frankenstein’d pop song. Listening to this song feels a little like tumbling down a never-ending rabbit hole, in the best way possible.” – PAPER

“As refreshing as a spiked pineapple soda on the hottest day of the year, "Mercury" is a lovingly crafted tribute to the Brazilian bossanova of yesteryear with the modern flourishes you'd expect from an iconoclast like Lacy.” – THE FADER

Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy
(full name Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya) is a songwriter, singer, producer, and musician from Compton, California, not to be mistaken with Steve Lacy, the saxophonist. Born May 23, 1998, the 23-year-old musical prodigy first stepped into the spotlight as a member of The Internet, a Los Angeles-based R&B outfit. The Internet has close ties to Odd Future, the group responsible for giving the world Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and others.

Lacy’s music is a unique blend of alternative R&B, neo-soul, lo-fi, funk, indie rock, and other genres. He’s known for his DIY approach to production, with some of his earliest recordings being made on his phone. Still in his early 20s, the musician has gained a devoted following of loyal fans, many of whom have been listening since his time as a member of The Internet.

Born in Compton to an African-American mother and a Filipino father, Steve was solely raised by his mom. His father passed away when he was only ten years old, and Steve has shared in interviews that the two never had a significant relationship. Steve took an interest in guitar at an early age and started teaching himself to play after falling in love with the video game Guitar Hero. He serves as the primary guitarist on all of his recordings, but that’s far from the only instrument he’s mastered. Steve is also proficient in drums, keyboards, bass, and vocals. Lacy went to private school for the majority of his early years, as did his sisters. The Lacy kids were as sheltered as possible by their mom, who wanted to keep them away from the ugly side of Compton.

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