Appetite For Destruction (Remastered Super Deluxe) Guns N' Roses

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Label: Geffen Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Hard Rock

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  • 1Welcome To The Jungle04:31
  • 2It's So Easy03:21
  • 3Nightrain04:26
  • 4Out Ta Get Me04:20
  • 5Mr. Brownstone03:46
  • 6Paradise City06:46
  • 7My Michelle03:39
  • 8Think About You03:50
  • 9Sweet Child O' Mine05:55
  • 10You're Crazy03:17
  • 11Anything Goes03:25
  • 12Rocket Queen06:13
  • 13Reckless Life (Live)03:20
  • 14Nice Boys (Live)03:02
  • 15Move To The City (Live)03:42
  • 16Mama Kin (Live / Edit)03:41
  • 17Shadow Of Your Love (Live)03:03
  • 18You're Crazy (Acoustic Version)04:25
  • 19Patience05:53
  • 20Used To Love Her03:10
  • 21You're Crazy04:09
  • 22It's So Easy (Live At The Marquee Club, London / 1987)03:53
  • 23Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live At The Marquee Club, London / 1987)04:59
  • 24Whole Lotta Rosie (Live At The Marquee Club, London / 1987)04:06
  • 25Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)04:58
  • 26Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)04:49
  • 27Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)04:05
  • 28Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)05:33
  • 29My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)04:19
  • 30Think About You (1986 Sound City Session)03:49
  • 31You're Crazy (1986 Sound City Session)03:22
  • 32Anything Goes (1986 Sound City Session)04:34
  • 33Rocket Queen (1986 Sound City Session)06:07
  • 34Shadow Of Your Love (1986 Sound City Session)02:39
  • 35Heartbreak Hotel (1986 Sound City Session)04:36
  • 36Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986 Sound City Session)03:19
  • 37Shadow Of Your Love03:10
  • 38Move To The City (1986 Sound City Session)03:14
  • 39Ain't Goin' Down No More (Instrumental Version \ 1986 Sound City Session)03:30
  • 40The Plague (1986 Sound City Session)00:53
  • 41Nice Boys (1986 Sound City Session)02:57
  • 42Back Off Bitch (1986 Sound City Session)04:38
  • 43Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session)02:44
  • 44Mama Kin (1986 Sound City Session)03:25
  • 45New Work Tune (1986 Sound City Session)03:24
  • 46November Rain (Piano Version / 1986 Sound City Session)10:18
  • 47Move To The City (Acoustic Version / 1986 Sound City Session)03:40
  • 48You're Crazy (Acoustic Version / 1986 Sound City Session)04:05
  • 49November Rain (Acoustic Version / 1986 Sound City Session)05:00
  • 50Jumpin' Jack Flash (Acoustic Version / 1986 Sound City Session)03:51
  • 51Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)03:26
  • Total Runtime03:31:17

Info zu Appetite For Destruction (Remastered Super Deluxe)

Appetite for Destruction is the debut studio album by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. It was released on July 21, 1987, by Geffen Records to massive commercial success. It topped the Billboard 200 and became the best-selling debut album as well as the 11th best-selling album in the United States. With about 30 million copies sold worldwide, it is also one of the best-selling records of all time. Although critics were ambivalent toward the album when it was first released, Appetite for Destruction has since received retrospective acclaim and been viewed as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Following the group's 1985 formation, Guns N' Roses injected unbridled attitude into the burgeoning Los Angeles rock scene. They went on to captivate the entire world with the July 21, 1987 release of Appetite For Destruction, which remains the best-selling U.S. debut album ever, moving over 30 million copies globally. Appetite features such indelible tracks such as the No. 1 single "Sweet Child O' Mine," "Welcome To The Jungle," "Nightrain," and "Paradise City."

The Appetite For Destruction: Super Deluxe Edition features four albums including the album newly remastered for the first time ever; B-sides N' EPs newly remastered; the previously unreleased 1986 Sound City Session N' More recordings; including bonus tracks.

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 62/500!

W. Axl Rose, vocals, synthesizer, percussion
Slash, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, talkbox
Izzy Stradlin, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Duff "Rose" McKagan, bass, backing vocals
Steven Adler, drums, percussion, backing vocals

Digitally remastered

Guns N' Roses
Following the group's 1985 formation, Guns N' Roses injected unbridled, unrivalled, and unstoppable attitude into the burgeoning Los Angeles rock scene. The spirit went on to captivate the entire world with the release of their 1987 debut Appetite for Destruction –the best-selling U.S. debut ever, moving 30 million copies globally. In 1991, the seven-time platinum Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II occupied the top two spots of the Billboard Top 200 upon release. Over the course of the past decade, Guns N' Roses have performed sold out shows and headlined festivals worldwide following the critically acclaimed release of 2008's RIAA platinum-certified Chinese Democracy. Six studio albums later, Guns N' Roses are one of the most important and influential acts in music history and continue to set the benchmark for live performances connecting with millions of fans across the globe. Guns N' Roses' are Axl Rose (vocals, piano), Duff McKagan (bass), Slash (lead guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboard), Richard Fortus (rhythm guitar), Frank Ferrer (drums), and Melissa Reese (keyboard).

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