Jagged Little Pill Acoustic Alanis Morissette

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Label: Warner Music Group

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Interpret: Alanis Morissette

Komponist: Alanis Morissette

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  • 1All I Really Want05:25
  • 2You Oughta Know04:58
  • 3Perfect03:26
  • 4Hand In My Pocket04:31
  • 5Right Through You03:39
  • 6Forgiven04:43
  • 7You Learn04:09
  • 8Head Over Feet04:16
  • 9Mary Jane05:07
  • 10Ironic03:56
  • 11Not The Doctor04:25
  • 12Wake Up05:20
  • 13Your House (Acoustic Version)03:38
  • Total Runtime57:33

Info zu Jagged Little Pill Acoustic

Jagged Little Pill Acoustic is an acoustic studio version of Alanis Morissette's international breakthrough album Jagged Little Pill (1995). When Jagged Little Pill Acoustic was released in 2005, it commemorated the tenth anniversary of the original album.

The album's single in the U.S. was 'Hand In My Pocket.' The video for the track received rotation on VH1. The accompanying tour ran for two months in mid-2005, with Morissette playing small theatre venues. During the same period, Morissette was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. In the autumn of 2005, Alanis Morissette opened for The Rolling Stones for a few dates of their A Bigger Bang Tour.

„There's an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm from 2002 where Alanis Morissette is performing at a benefit concert that's eventually held at Larry David's home, where she sings a stripped-down acoustic arrangement of 'You Oughta Know' with guitarist David Levita for an audience of wealthy Hollywood liberals. This may not have been the genesis of her 2005 album Jagged Little Pill Acoustic -- initially for sale only in Starbucks stores, but released to mass retail in late July -- but that performance not only offers a clue to the sound of this acoustic-based reinterpretation of her blockbuster breakthrough, but also to its target audience. Unlike the 1995 original, this is not a dense, glossy pop album that slyly co-opts and repackages ideas from the musical fringe for a mass audience. Nor is this akin to her 1999 acoustic album Alanis Unplugged, where Morissette was still sorting out exactly which direction to take in the aftermath of her phenomenal success. Jagged Little Pill Acoustic is the sound of an artist who is comfortable and settled, fondly reminiscing about her crazy past for an audience that is also comfortable and settled. This is sepia-toned music (which is appropriate, since the cover itself is a sepia-toned replication of the original's artwork), with all of the excesses and eccentricities of youth either romanticized or dismissed with a soft chuckle. Alanis marvels at how crazy she was back then, as she and her audience both congratulate themselves on surviving ten years while reflecting on how much they've personally grown in that decade. All of this is captured in the lone lyrical change: 'Ironic' now concludes with Alanis meeting the man of her dreams and meeting not his beautiful wife, but his beautiful husband (she's no longer pronouncing 'figures' as 'figgers,' either). This doesn't change the song or its intent, but it does signal that Morissette has a slightly different perspective, one that is self-congratulatory, more tolerant, and more self-consciously urbane. And that pretty much summarizes the music here, too: it's deliberately mature and certainly more tasteful than the original Jagged Little Pill, the kind of music that would sound good playing in, well, the background of a coffee shop. While there are acoustic guitars at the foundation of each of the 12 tracks here (plus the unlisted 13th bonus track), this isn't strictly acoustic, at least by most standards: with original JLP producer Glen Ballard on board as well, it's not surprising that Acoustic winds up being a subdued adult alternative pop album filled with strings, keyboards, and production instead of a stark acoustic record. Since Ballard is a pro and since Alanis has lived with these songs long enough to find different, yet comfortable, ways to rephrase these familiar melodies, it's a pleasant enough listen.“ (Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG)

Alanis Morissette, vocals, harmonica
David Levita, guitars, marxophone, perapaloshka, mandolin
Zac Rae, pianoforte, keyboards, organ, pump organ
Jason Orme, guitars
Cedric Lemoyne, bass
Blair Sinta, drums, percussion, maraca, cajon
Glen Ballard, string arrangement
Suzie Katayama, string arrangement, conductor
Ralph Morrison, violin I
Sara Parkins, violin II
Roland Kato, viola
Steve Erdody, cello

Mixed and Recorded by Bill Malina
Produced by Glen Ballard

Digitally remastered

Zur Info: wir bieten die 192 kHz-Version nicht an, denn in unserer Messanalyse konnten wir keinen nennenswerten bzw. hörbaren Mehrwert zu der 96 kHz-Version feststellen!

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