Kerstin Blodig

Biographie Kerstin Blodig

Kerstin Blodig
is regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world-music.

She studied musicology, Scandinavian languages and cultures, with particular emphasis on Norwegian folk music.

Today she tours all over the world – including major festivals, studio recordings, theatre productions and regular TV appearances – with a wide variety of different projects, including the Celtic bands Talking Water and Norland Wind (featuring Clannad-members Pádraig and Noel Duggan).

She cultivates her Norwegian roots in her solo performances and in the duo Kelpie with Ian Melrose. Her debut solo CD Valivann won the renowned German Critics Prize 2002. After the success of her 2nd solo album: Trollsang, she has just released her third solo CD Nordisk Sjel.

Being one of the finest women guitarists in the acoustic scene today, she is official endorser of Gibson Guitars.

A voice as clear as Norwegian fjord water coupled with a virtuoso groovy guitar….

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