Biographie Phi-Psonics

Originally from Washington DC area, Ford-Young moved to California in the early 90s and fell in love with the sounds of the upright bass and the music of Charles Mingus, John and Alice Coltrane, and Duke Ellington along with Bach, Chopin, Pärt, and Satie. He immersed himself in music, and keen to learn, combined intense personal study with collaborations, tours, and recordings with artists such as Tom Waits, Beats Antique, and John Vanderslice. In 2010 he moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Los Angeles hills and continued his explorations, starting to compose and develop the music that would find such beautiful expression in his Phi-Psonics project.

Seth Ford-Young
is a bassist, composer and singer based in Los Angeles. He has worked with a dazzling cross section of artists, from Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Beats Antique to The Hot Club of San Francisco, Rocco DeLuca, and Sixto Rodriguez.

Ford-Young started his musical adventures as the lead singer of punk band Initial Reaction, which played many classic punk clubs around Washington DC. While it might seem like a long journey from DC Hardcore to what he’s doing today, Ford-Young gleaned a tremendous amount of information about life on and off the bandstand during his punk days that he’s still drawing from today.

As a composer Seth has two albums and a film score under his name along with many collaborations and co-writing credits. Recent projects include; Co-producing Gill Landry’s “Skeleton at the Banquet” album, along with several releases with moonie.moonie. His new project Phi-Psonics has released an LP and recently signed to Gondwana Records.

Artists Seth has performed live or in the studio with include; Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Rodriguez, Beats Antique, Barry Manilow, John Vanderslice, Rocco DeLuca, Gill Landry, Alexander, Crash, Letts, Sean Hayes, Eric McFadden, Sasha Dobson, The California Honeydrops, Mohsen Namjoo, and The Hot Club of San Francisco.

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