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Mireille Bioly
Complete artist and musician, this is how one could describe Mireille Boily, who simultaneously wears the hats of singer, pianist, improviser, composer, lyricist and orchestrator.

With a rich and vast professional experience, Mireille is a respected jazz musician both in Quebec and abroad. She has completed several international tours, most recently in China, as a soloist for the Cavalia show, and has been heard in jazz clubs from Beijing to Buenos Aires, via Sao Paulo. Mireille is an active member of the Montreal jazz scene, lending her voice to multiple composers (Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Philippe Côté, Joel Kerr, Rafael Zaldivar). The Montreal National Jazz Orchestra has commissioned her a big band suite, "Les chants du Phoenix", for which she was a recipient of the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec.

After three independently produced albums, Mireille Boily signs her fourth album. Produced by David Binney and recorded in Los Angeles with a selected musicians, "Refuges mouvants" is a poetic fresco rooted in the four elements, honouring the journey of a deep inner quest. Full, luminous, but above all free, Mireille's voice delivers a music with deep vibrations, of the kind which directly touch the heart. The artist tells her own story authentically; she who has been, in her words, "eclipsed, blurred, betrayed and masked", reaches us today in a musical presence that is "soothed, emancipated and crystallized".

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