Jaber Fayad

Biographie Jaber Fayad

Jaber Fayad
(born on the 27th of May 1989) is a Syrian Oud player. Jaber started playing the Oud when he was 9 years old.

He studied Azerbaijani music with the Master Askar Ali Akbar, Arabic music with Isam Rafei, and Turkish music with Ayman Aljesri. He studied at the Conservatory of Damascus, Syria. In 2015, he graduated for his Conservatory Degree in Oud.

In October 2015, Jaber was forced to leave Syria due to the threatening circumstances there, leaving all of his memories and belongings behind. During his dangerous journey to Europe, even when he was facing the deadly threats of a rubber boat, Jaber tried to sing for people and teach them some music to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Jaber believes that music is his only relief. He arrived at the Netherlands last November.

During this relatively short time and even though he was residing in refugee camps, he was able to arrange several concerts (solo or with Dutch musicians) and participated in a musical and some music festivals.

In addition to being a musician, Jaber is also an Oud builder himself. He is planning and aspiring to make the Oud to be part of the Dutch music.

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