Carmela Visone and the Grooves

Biographie Carmela Visone and the Grooves

Carmela Visone
was born in Germany. She grew up with her parents, Spanish mother and Italian father under the warmth of a Southern Italian family that had emigrated to Germany during the 60´s economic crisis. Traditional Neapolitan music was always present in her family life and caused an influence during her childhood. On the other hand, her mother used to listen to Afroamerican music coming from north American military bases settled in Germany. This cultural fusion blended in her a strong musical vocation. ​

Since her early childhood she began singing in different choirs. When she was 12 years old she emigrated with her parents, brother and sister to the Canary Islands, gaining once again values and traditions of a new culture. Later, during her teenage stage she restarted her musical activity, singing as a vocal soloist in different bands and performing different musical styles such as soul, funk, blues and gospel.

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