Perspectives In Percussion, Vol. 2 (Remastered from the Original Somerset Tapes) Skip Martin

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Label: Somerset

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Big Band

Interpret: Skip Martin

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  • 1Perdido03:51
  • 2How High the Moon02:55
  • 3Tiger Hunt03:18
  • 4Mambo No. 502:59
  • 5La Cucaracha02:44
  • 6I Got Rhythm03:03
  • 7Chinatown, My Chinatown02:31
  • 8Baubles, Bongos and Brass03:05
  • 9Cumana02:32
  • 10Git Git Git Guitar03:03
  • 11I Get a Kick Out of You03:43
  • 12C'est si bon03:05
  • Total Runtime36:49

Info zu Perspectives In Percussion, Vol. 2 (Remastered from the Original Somerset Tapes)

The second image gives you the rundown on all the percussion instruments played on the album. I count 22! The recording is so good that if you listened to it enough times you might even be able to spot them all.

And it's not just percussion. Click on the third image to see the many woodwinds and horns. Joining them are an organ, piano, electric guitar and of course bass.

Soundfield, Timbre and Dynamics

The spaciousness of the studio is reproduced with uncanny fidelity, with both huge depth and width, but there is another dimension that this record operates in that Bang, Baa-room and Harp, just to take one example, does not -- the instruments here are capable of jumping out of your speakers, seemingly right into your listening room.

The effect is astonishing. I have never heard these instruments sound more real than they do here. The timbre is perfection. The dynamics are startling. As it says on the back cover, "the world's greatest percussionists, soloists and section men [yes, your read that right, "section", not "session"] recorded in HOLLYWOOD without attenuated dynamics..."

Add to those clearly unattenuated dynamics high and low frequencies that are also not the least bit attenuated, and microphones capable of deadly accuracy, and you have yourself a recording of unparalleled fidelity. I know of none to equal it. We've played these kinds of records by the score but I have never heard one do what this one is doing.

Skip Martin, conductor

Digitally remastered

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