Nature's Light Blackmore's Night

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Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Folk

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Interpret: Blackmore's Night

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FLAC 48 $ 12,50
  • 1Once Upon December03:09
  • 2Four Winds03:02
  • 3Feather in the Wind04:30
  • 4Darker Shade of Black06:05
  • 5The Twisted Oak04:18
  • 6Nature's Light04:30
  • 7Der Letzte Musketier04:57
  • 8Wish You Were Here (2021)05:04
  • 9Going to the Faire04:34
  • 10Second Element06:05
  • Total Runtime46:14

Info zu Nature's Light

Blackmore’s Night wurde 1997 von der legendären Gitarren-Ikone Ritchie Blackmore und seiner Ehefrau, der preisgekrönten Sängerin Candice Night gegründet, um ihrer gemeinsamen Liebe für traditionellen Folk-Rock eine Bühne zu geben. Für Blackmore selbst bedarf es als Musiker kaum einer Vorstellung, hat er doch als einer der berühmt-berüchtigtsten Gitarristen aller Zeiten die Hardrock-Szene über viele Jahrzehnte entscheidend mitgeprägt und neben Blackmore’s Night zwei der bekanntesten Bands im Hard Rock geformt: Deep Purple und Rainbow.

Mit „Nature’s Light“ erscheint am 12.03.2021 ihr elftes Studioalbum. Die zehn Songs sind eine von Grund auf ehrliche Liebeserklärung an die Folkmusik der Renaissance-Ära, inspiriert von den Mythen und Legenden vergangener Epochen.

„Die Geschichte von „Nature’s Light“ ist auch die Geschichte von der Kraft der Natur, die uns jeden Tag umgibt, genauso wie die alltäglichen Wunder, die direkt vor unseren Augen geschehen“, sagt Candice Night. „Wenn man sich von seinem Umfeld eingeschränkt oder bedrängt fühlt, ist es wichtig, auf sich selbst zu achten, seine Energien wieder aufzuladen und dem eigenen Herzen zu folgen. Manche zieht es dabei ans Meer, manche in die Wälder und für andere sind es einfach die Sonnenstrahlen auf dem Gesicht, die die Energie zurückbringen. Unsere Musik ist ein Ventil für den Stress und den Druck der Neuzeit. Eine Reise zurück in eine einfachere, magische Zeit, in der Musik in unser Herz und unsere Seele dringt.“

Und so findet durch die gefühlvolle Neuauflage der Ballade ‚Wish You Were Here‘ auch die Romantik ihren Platz, während ‚Four Winds‘ und ‚The Twisted Oak‘ magische Geschichten erzählen, stets begleitet durch das einzigartige Gitarrenspiel von Ritchie Blackmore. Vor allem mit den beiden Instrumentals ‚Darker Shade Of Black‘ und ‚Der letzte Musketier‘ zeigt Ritchie Blackmore einmal mehr, dass sein Gitarrenspiel noch genauso magisch ist wie eh und je.

Ritchie Blackmore, electric and acoustic guitars, mandola, hurdy gurdy, nickelharpe
Candice Night, vocals, chanter, cornamuse, shawms, rauschpfeife
Bard David of Larchmont, keyboards
Earl Grey of Chimay, bass and rhythm guitar
The Scarlett Fiddler, violin
Lady Lynn, harmony vocals, shawm, flute, recorder
Troubadour of Aberdeen, drums

Ritchie Blackmore
British guitarist and songwriter, began his professional career as a session musician as a member of the instrumental band The Outlaws and as a backing musician of pop singers Glenda Collins, Heinz, Screaming Lord Sutch, Neil Christian, etc.. Blackmore was also one of the original members of Deep Purple, playing jam-style rock music which mixed simple guitar riffs and organ sounds During his solo career, he established neo-classical metal band called Rainbow which fused baroque music influences elements with hard rock. However, Rainbow gradually progressed to catchy pop style hard rock. Blackmore formed the traditional folk rock project Blackmore's Night transitioning to vocalist-centered sounds.

Candice Night
Although she's done back-up vocals for such major bands as Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Twang (the Hank Marvin Tribute album), Candice Night's success was anything but overnight. In 1997, the talented lyricist and lead singer of Blackmore's Night completed a musical project with legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore titled Shadow of the Moon. The album features acoustic renaissance music, a direction she thoroughly enjoyed. "This music is feel good, soul searching music," says Candice. "Listening to it makes me appreciate the beauty in simple things that most of us overlook everyday. It has a magical effect. It makes me smile and it makes me cry, but listening to it always takes me on a different journey somewhere else. Being a part in creating such music is a reward in itself." Click here to read more about Candice.

Earl Grey Of Chimay
Bass, mandolin, guitar. Often enchanted with a musical spirit he can be found performing his music throughout medieval forests and cavernous terrains where they echo the melodic sounds resonating from the instruments played by Earl Grey of Chimay. Assimilating an alchemistic approach to a variety of instruments , he brings to Blackmore's Night his music, camaraderie, a plethora of potent ale, and an extraneous habit of being a bit verbose., yet a dash of humor emanates through the serious facade-but he is always passionate about his love for the music of Blackmore's Night.

Bard David of Larchmont
The spine tingling melodies of classical composers wafts through the rehearsal halls as Bard David prepares for his performances. This extremely talented virtuoso has been delighting audiences for the past 20 years on keyboards, piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion and pipe organ. He is a graduate of Purchase University in piano performances and Blackmore's Night is proud to add him to our Minstrel Band.

Scarlet Fiddler
Our amazing violinist received her MM in violin performance at The Boston Conservatory where she studied with Masters. She has performed at the Amherst Early Music Festival , Oberlin’s Baroque Performance Institute,Trinity Baroque Orchestra and Choir, amongst many other prestigious performances. This Renaissance Fiddler is Concertmaster of the Astoria Symphony and Sinfonia Celestis, and can also be found performing with Greenwich Symphony, Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, Di Capo Opera Company, Bronx Opera Company and the Orchestra of the Bronx. She has graced the stages at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Town Hall the Apollo Theater and Lincoln Center. She has been seen on tv on “Saturday Night Live,” “David Letterman” and “The View”. Her heart called out for the simplicity of less technological times - and the beauty of nature. She longed to join a group where she could participate with Medieval/Renassiance music from within the castle walls. She found herself delightfully challenged by the music she heard from Blackmore's Night. We welcome this very talented musician to our group.

Troubador Of Aberdeen
The percussionist for Blackmore's Night is truly of Scottish descent. His ancestors resided in a castle fortress near Aberdeen during Medieval times. The moonlight beckoned to him and he embarked upon a midnight journey -wandering the countryside, listening to and echoing the rhythms of the night. He spent a lot of time camping in the woods- playing percussion with the otters and badgers- and pitching acorns with the squirrels. Always atune to the rhythms that surround the country side- natural rhythms and sounds of nature abound in his soul, Blackmore's Night came across him in England- we picked him up hitchhiking to London on his way to see the Queen. He instantly felt a comaderaderie with the Band of minstrels and the group invited him to join and share his many talents with them.

Lady Lynn
has been performing since the tender age of three... She has loved Classical and Renaissance music ever since her mother taught her Italian arias at the age of five. At age eight, her father introduced her to classic rock. And so, "Lady Lynn" was born! Lady Lynn has performed at The White House, Madison Square Garden, Avery Fischer Hall, and at Yankee Stadium for the 1996 World Series. She was classically trained at Manhattan School of Music in Vocal Performance. But her weekends were spent at a piano with her angel of music, Tim, from The Wizard's Consort. They spent hours upon hours honing her woodwinds, piano, music theory, and sight singing skills! He always told her of the wonderful man he played music with in castles. It sounded like a dream! But, soon the dream would become a reality! Lady Lynn is thrilled to be singing harmony vocals and playing woodwinds with Blackmore's Night and loves her new family! She has a blast on and off the stage with them and can't wait to see what the future holds! Lady Lynn would like to thank her family for keeping her well rounded in music, and her new family for making her feel "Home Again" on every tour!

When Lady Lynn is not performing with Blackmore's Night, she spends time with her dogs and works in nuclear power plants.

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