Plates coutures (Édition deluxe) Matmatah

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Label: La Ouache Production

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Matmatah

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  • 1Nous y sommes04:18
  • 2Lésine pas02:53
  • 3Petite frappe04:15
  • 4Marée haute04:08
  • 5Toboggan06:11
  • 6Retour à la normale03:12
  • 7Ô ma beauté04:19
  • 8Entre les lignes04:15
  • 9Overcom03:19
  • 10Margipop03:11
  • 11Peshmerga04:19
  • 12Ouache Away Your Mix (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)03:39
  • 13Il fait beau sur la France (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)03:40
  • 14Marée haute (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)04:10
  • 15Lésine pas (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)03:06
  • 16Emma (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)04:18
  • 17Archimède (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)04:34
  • 18Nous y sommes (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)05:42
  • 19La cerise (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)03:52
  • 20Le festin de Bianca (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)06:18
  • 21Retour à la normale (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)03:13
  • 22Lambé An Dro (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)04:31
  • 23Toboggan (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)08:47
  • 24Crépuscule dandy (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)04:42
  • 25L'apologie (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)08:27
  • 26Ô ma beauté (You're Here, Now What? - Live 2017)06:17
  • Total Runtime01:59:36

Info for Plates coutures (Édition deluxe)

The album's recording began in secret as the members began working on the project one year before announcing the group's reformation. A new guitarist joined the band, Emmanuel Baroux, who collaborated with Axel Bauer and Astonvilla.

Matmatah traveled to West Yorkshire, England to begin recording in August 2016. Guitarist Bruno Green (Detroit) was in charge of production. In October, the songs were mixed at ICP studios in Brussels. Mastering took place at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Emmanuel Baroux, guitars, keyboards, vocals
Éric Digaire, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussions, vocals
Benoît Fournier, drums, percussion, guitars, piano
Tristan Nihouarn, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, flute, vocals
Bruno Green, keyboards, guitars, percussions
Additional musicians:
Gaëlle Kerrien, choirs (2, 11)
Gaëlle Bellaunay, choirs (2)
Morgane Mercier, choirs director (11), choirs (2, 11)
Ghislaine Bachelier, vocals (11)
Odile Guillarmou, vocals (11)
Nadia Le Goff, vocals (11)
Grand Palladium, vocals (11)
Dana Colley, bass clarinet, baritone saxophones, tenor saxophones, viola, flute, voice (5)
Sebastien Blanchon, trumpet (4, 6)
David Dupuis, trombone (6)
Jacopo Costa, cimbalum (4, 9)

Produced by Matmatah & Bruno Green

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