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  • Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act I "Max Jacob vu par Guy Goffette et par lui-même":
  • 1Portrait de Max en accordéon06:48
  • 2Saint-Benoît sur Loire01:32
  • 3Questionnaire de Marcel Béalu01:00
  • 4Extrait du - Récit de ma conversion01:46
  • 5Portrait de Maxime Lelong01:54
  • Erik Satie (1866 - 1925): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act II "Erik Satie vu par lui-même":
  • 6Recoins de ma vie - 2 Gnossiennes10:19
  • 7Raisonnements d'un têtu - Sketch Montmartrois02:16
  • 8La journée du musicien - La diva de l'empire03:50
  • 9Les commandements du catéchisme du Conservatoire remis à 900:58
  • Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918):
  • 10Clair de lune04:04
  • Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963), Erik Satie (1866 - 1925): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act III "Miroirs poétiques et musicaux":
  • 11Poème en guise de ritournelle "Avenue du Maine"00:44
  • 12Quimper06:19
  • 13Le Centaure - Le poulet qui parle - Fable, je chanterai03:15
  • 14Ballade de la visite nocturne07:41
  • 15Chanson - Fable sans moralité - Chanson03:27
  • 16Poème de Max Jacob "Vieux monde brisé"05:00
  • Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act IV "Destins croisés - Final":
  • 17Si je mourais là-bas - La nuit descend06:36
  • Erik Satie (1866 - 1925): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act IV "Destins croisés - Final":
  • 18Texte sur le retour de la guerre01:36
  • 19Enterrar y callar04:08
  • Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963), Erik Satie (1866 - 1925): Un sourire pour cent larmes, Act IV "Destins croisés - Final":
  • 20Textes de Guy Goffette et Henri Sauguet02:50
  • Total Runtime01:16:03

Info for Un sourire pour cent larmes

A musical-literary journey in the work and life of the poet Max Jacob and his friend Erik Satie, by the great comedian Eric Verdin and the pianist Maria-Carmen Barboro.

Rather than being satisfied with randomly superimposing texts and music, this set- ting is more of an adaptation wherein the words and notes are woven together by a precise counterpoint so that each literary and musical phrase echoes and enhancesits counterpart. Thus a singular work takes form, one which requires its two performers (including an actor who can read music) to listen attentively to each other, just as a duo of chamber musicians would be expected to do.

Each “act” may be listened to separate- ly. The parts form a whole with a coherent and rhythmical structure which includes recollections, contrasts, and intersecting historical references. It is an hour-long poetical and musical journey which takes the listener over deep and troubling waters.

Eric Verdin and Maria-Carmen Barboro meet together for a Max Jacob and Erik Satie program, two major figures of the French early twentieth century. Their unique journey takes a singular look at two great artists who are largely unknown. It is an unconventional, non-didactic, non-exhaustive look, but with much sensitivity. This project intersects other art from French writers and musicians, fed by the same painful events, the same aesthetic questions are answered in new and interesting ways. This particular ensemble couldn’t possibly end an album without a contemporary artist, and on this release Alain Feron was commissioned to write a piece about a text by Max Jacob. He chose “Vieux monde brise.” (Old Broken World)

Eric Verdin, comedian
Maria-Carmen Barboro, piano

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