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  • 1Crooked Teeth04:22
  • 2Half The Time03:54
  • 3Chinatown03:50
  • 4Baby Face03:08
  • 5Uppers & Downers04:53
  • 6This Is The Year03:21
  • 7Dani's In Love02:54
  • 8Friday Nights02:57
  • 9Does It Ever Get You Down?03:06
  • 10Get It Together (C'mon)02:34
  • 11Beneath The Wheels03:35
  • 12Where I Will Be03:06
  • Total Runtime41:40

Info for Uppers & Downers

CA’s Gold Star — a/k/a Marlon Rabenreither — today announced that his new album, Uppers & Downers, will be released on September 7, 2018 via Autumn Tone Records. Noisey premiered new song “Half The Time,” calling it “all sun-dusted Stones vibes, loaded with big piano chords, cracked vocals, and a kind of ecstatic ennui,” while in the UK, Beat Magazine debuted “Chinatown.” Each song illustrates the dual sonic facets of the albums — its ‘ups’ (“Half The Time”) and ‘downs’ (“Chinatown”).

Uppers & Downers is stylistically and sonically like a collage, with its varied, timeless tracks each shining brightly as standalones, yet functioning together seamlessly as a whole. While the title refers to the highs and lows of life, the album also looks at everything in the spaces in-between. “The idea was to achieve a deeper scope, a more dynamic range: slow songs, fast songs, less genre specific, capturing all the moods,” says Rabenreither. Throughout, he draws from both his own life and conversations with friends to sing of the deeply personal and observational, with Los Angeles — its beauty, dark side, distinct neighborhoods, and ever-changing nature — serving as the rich, underlying connective tissue.

Uppers & Downers was recorded at Los Angeles’ historic Valentine Studios, recently renovated and reopened by Rabenreither’s producer friend, Nicolas Jodoin, and where artists including The Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, and Jackson Brown have all made music. It was the first time he’d worked in such a large, professional space, let alone on such hallowed ground, and it compelled Rabenreither to push himself throughout the process, while Jodoin — who had also worked on Gold Star’s 2012 debut — proved indispensable in shaping the overall lush, vintage sound of Uppers & Downers. The album also features Cameron Avery of Tame Impala (piano on “This Is The Year”), and Cole Alexander and Zumi Rosow of Black Lips (on “Chinatown”).

Marlon Rabenreither, vocals, guitar

Gold Star
Gold Star’s Marlon Rabenreither grew up in L.A. with a native son’s sense of what’s real and true and a childhood fascination with the Beatles, teaching himself to write and play a special kind of stark guitar-noir Americana that soon got him opening for Ryan Bingham and an admiring Lucinda Williams. On his new Autumn Tone release Big Blue—named after the ramshackle Hollywood home where he produced and recorded the album—he shines and redefines the sound of his self-titled 2013 EP and his 2015 full-length Dark Days to reveal an autobiographical work as influenced by writers like Fante, Baldwin and Chandler as it is Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Wilco or Elliott Smith. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was one of those lost classics—but really it’s just a long letter from a young singer/songwriter both weary and wise beyond his years.

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