Lalande: Majesté (Collection Château de Versailles) Ensemble Aedes, Le Poème Harmonique & Vincent Dumestre

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Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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  • Michel-Richard de Lalande (1657 . 1726): Deitatis Majestatem:
  • 1Deitatis Majestatem: Deitatis Majestatem04:40
  • 2Deitatis Majestatem: Hic enim misericors04:31
  • 3Deitatis Majestatem: Simphonie00:45
  • 4Deitatis Majestatem: O caro Christi vera02:23
  • 5Deitatis Majestatem: Te omnes angeli03:14
  • 6Deitatis Majestatem: O mentis jubilatio04:17
  • 7Deitatis Majestatem: Quam dulcis est03:03
  • 8Deitatis Majestatem: O bonitatis prodigium03:53
  • Ecce Nunc Benedicite, S.8:
  • 9Ecce Nunc Benedicite, S.8: Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum04:59
  • 10Ecce Nunc Benedicite, S.8: In noctibus extollite05:35
  • 11Ecce Nunc Benedicite, S.8: Benedicat te Dominus ex Sion03:07
  • Te Deum, S.32:
  • 12Te Deum, S.32: Te Deum laudamus02:12
  • 13Te Deum, S.32: Te æternum Patrem01:08
  • 14Te Deum, S.32: Tibi omnes angeli01:47
  • 15Te Deum, S.32: Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus01:34
  • 16Te Deum, S.32: Te gloriosus Apostolorum02:31
  • 17Te Deum, S.32: Te per orbem terrarum01:23
  • 18Te Deum, S.32: Tu rex gloriæ02:19
  • 19Te Deum, S.32: Tu, ad liberandum02:20
  • 20Te Deum, S.32: Tu, devicto mortis aculeo02:47
  • 21Te Deum, S.32: Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes01:27
  • 22Te Deum, S.32: Te ergo quæsumus01:41
  • 23Te Deum, S.32: Æterna fac cum sanctis01:50
  • 24Te Deum, S.32: Salvum fac populum tuum01:17
  • 25Te Deum, S.32: Et rege eos01:44
  • 26Te Deum, S.32: Per singulos dies benedicimus te02:16
  • 27Te Deum, S.32: Dignare, Domine01:16
  • 28Te Deum, S.32: Miserere nostri01:35
  • 29Te Deum, S.32: In te, Domine, speravi02:58
  • Total Runtime01:14:32

Info for Lalande: Majesté (Collection Château de Versailles)

In 1683, Michel-Richard de Lalande entered the Chapelle Royale as a sous-maître after receiving the support of Louis XIV in a formidable recruitment competition. Still only twenty-five years old, the young composer was swiftly to become established as the King’s favourite and accede to the most coveted posts at court in a career spanning almost forty years. Above all, Louis included him in the consultations for the construction of the new Chapelle Royale, adjacent to Versailles Palace. As the arches gradually rose skywards, Lalande composed and revised his motets, which give expression to the then-peerless grandeur of the realm, while at the same time testifying to the chapel’s incomparable acoustics. His works – settings of psalms, hymns, the Te Deum – record the atmosphere at court in the liturgy, in times of both trouble and rejoicing. Following their earlier recording of Te Deum settings by Lully and Charpentier at the Chapelle Royale, Vincent Dumestre and Le Poème Harmonique have now returned to Versailles to tackle the music Lalande composed for that extraordinary place. Alongside the grands motets Deitatis majestatem and Ecce nunc benedicite, with their synthesis of royal pomp and the language of opera, they offer the deeply moving Miserere and the most grandiose Te Deum performed in the reign of Louis XIV, the Te Deum of the King himself.

Ensemble Aedes
Le Poème Harmonique
Vincent Dumestre, direction

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