Piazzolla: Tango Nuevo (Remaster) Tomas Cotik & Tao Lin

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Label: 2xHD / Naxos

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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  • Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992)
  • 1La Muerte del Angel (arr. T. Cotik for violin and piano)02:56
  • 2I. Bordel 190003:58
  • 3II. Cafe 193006:46
  • 4III. Nightclub 196005:04
  • 5IV. Concert d'aujourd'hui02:34
  • 6Melodia in A Minor (arr. T. Cotik for violin and piano)02:54
  • 72 Piezas Breves: No. 1. Tanguango (arr. for violin and piano)03:15
  • 8Milonga sin Palabras (arr. for violin and piano)05:14
  • 9Maria de Buenos Aires: Fuga y misterio (arr. T. Cotik for violin and piano)03:23
  • 10Tanti anni prima (arr. for violin and piano)04:05
  • 11Maria de Buenos Aires: Yo soy Maria (arr. T. Cotik for 2 violins and piano)03:06
  • 12Oblivion (arr. T. Cotik for 2 violins and piano)03:32
  • 13Aire de la Zamba Nina (arr. T. Cotik for violin and piano)02:36
  • 14Le Grand Tango (arr. S. Gubaidulina for violin and piano)07:32
  • 15Libertango (arr. T. Cotik for violin and piano)01:50
  • Total Runtime58:45

Info for Piazzolla: Tango Nuevo (Remaster)

The tangos of legendary performer and composer Astor Piazzolla are informed by a multicultural upbringing which saw him introducing the influences of Classical, Jazz, Rock and Klezmer music into a unique Nuevo Tango style which still sounds fresh and modern today. Histoire du Tango sums up the genre's entire evolution, Le Grand Tango is a virtuoso show-stopper, while Melodia en la menor expresses deep personal turmoil. Renowned Argentinian violinist Tomas Cotik's special arrangements also include Oblivion and Libertango, two of Piazzolla's most popular and enduring pieces.

„There is no question that this disc is, by some distance, Naxos's best Piazzolla recording.“ (MusicWeb International)

“As an appointed expert on the music of the Argentinean composer, Astor Piazzolla, I have a steady trickle of new releases to review, this one among the very best. It starts out with the advantage of having the brilliant Argentinean violinist, Tomas Cotik, who is also responsible for most of the arrangements. The present performances ooze with the feel of smooch dance halls of Argentina where the Tango began, and which was to form the basis of everything Piazzolla composed. Is it classical music Well in the hands of Cotik it most certainly is, his technical command of the instrument absolutely impeccable, with intonation in the centre of every note, and his left hand flying around the fingerboard with remarkable agility. As he bends notes and slides around to create the mood of the music, you begin to wonder what this duo could do for the great jazz classics, the Chinese-American pianist, Tao Lin, an ideal and outgoing partner….this is one of the great Piazzolla discs, and in perfect sound quality, I urge you to buy it. (David Denton, David’s Review Corner)

Tomas Cotik, violin
Tao Lin, piano

This album was mastered using our 2xHD proprietary system. In order to achieve the most accurate reproduction of the original recording we tailor our process specifically for each project, using a selection from our pool of state-of-the-art audiophile components and connectors. The process begins with a transfer to analog from the original 24bits/96kHz resolution master, using cutting edge D/A converters. The analog signal is then sent through a hi-end tube pre-amplifier before being recorded directly in DXD using the dCS905 A/D and the dCS Vivaldi Clock. All connections used in the process are made of OCC silver cable.

DSD and 192kHz/24Bit versions are separately generated, directly from the analog signal.

2xHD Mastering by: René Laflamme 2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry

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