Benjamin Isachsen & Magne H. Draagen

Biography Benjamin Isachsen & Magne H. Draagen

Benjamin Isachsen
As a small boy Benjamin said that he “wanted to sing to make others happy.” And precisely that is what he hopes to achieve with this recording: To share with others the joy which singing and music have brought to him. Benjamin has participated in regular rehearsals and worship service performances as a member of the Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir over the past ten years. Belonging to the choir also means private lessons with a voice teacher. It is the rhythm of these activities which has characterized Benjamin’s day-to-day life, and their content which has provided him with a solid musical education.During the summer of 2007 Benjamin was selected to sing with Salisbury Cathedral Boys Choir. He attended the cathedral boarding school and sang with the choir at daily evensong, morning service, and matins. He was also able to participate in the annual Southern Cathedrals Festival and in recording sessions. Benjamin has performed many times as soloist. He has sung “Ein gut” (“A Boy”) in “Draumkvedet” (“Dream Ballad”) with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Grex Vocalis. He has been soloist with The Norwegian Soloist Choir and The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. He has performed “Fedrelandssalmen,” the national hymn ofNorway, at the celebration of King Harald’s 70th birthday, and Felix Mendelsohn’s “Hear My Prayer” with Katarina Gosskör (the Katarina Boys Choir) in Oslo. He has sung Allegri’s “Miserere” in evensong with the Oslo Cathedral Choir and Gregorian chant in concert with Consortium Vocale and Trio Mediævel. He has also been soloist on two CDs of the Oslo Cathedral Boys Choir and in the Oslo Cathedral’s annual Christmas concerts. Benjamin has performed larger works at funerals, weddings, christenings, and as soloist in the Oslo Concert Hall, as well as on a number of radio programs and the television talk show “Grosvold” on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). His voice can also be heard in select scenes of the Norwegian horror films “Fritt vilt” I and II (“Cold Prey”).

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