John Wesley - a way you’ll never be

Review John Wesley - a way you’ll never be

Another kind of a unique feature: All albums from John Wesley released between 1994 and 2003, with the exception of TEN, are available as a free download on his homepage. Sounds generous or refined promotion and is probably both. However, the albums on this way are only available as heavily data-reduced MP3 files, so you get free music from the guitarist John Wesley, but not in full splendor of sound. Anyway, to hook the sucker the free offer should be alright.

The download of the new album a way you’ll never be, recorded by the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter John Wesley, together with Sean Malone, bass, Mark Prator, drums and Ian Medhurst, is available in full splendor of sound, that is without any data reduction. For the non-initiated: John Wesley, born 1962, began his professional career in 1980 along with the drummer and producer Mark Prator, before he plunged into the adventure of a solo carrier and went on world tour in the opening act of the British Marillion. In the same function he was then active in the 1998 tour of Peter Frampton / Lynyrd Skynyrd. John Wesley then made the jump from the opening act to the main act as guitarist and sideman on the occasion of four tours of the group Porcupine Tree. A lot of bands have used John Wesley as a solo guitarist again and again. Over the whole period he was active from 1994 onwards with the production of his own albums, of which there are so far nine in number, including the new album a way you’ll never be.

Hard Rock, bursting with energy, is called for. Exactly progressive rock, a rock species that was launched at the beginning of the seventies, among others by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and by Pink Floyd, and that still fires after more than four decades, not just among the fans of the first hour, but also among their offspring. As one of the still active exponents from the early 1980s, John Wesley invites the "progressive" rock gait with fusion from the world of jazz and with his vocals to a sometimes explosive mixture, thereby building-up considerable pressure. In this hard rock environment, the ballad-like song The Silence In The Coffee borne by John Wesley's guitar and voice, foregoing drums and bass, functions quasi as a contrast program. Thereby, at least for a short time rest comes not only into the coffee, but also into the program. It is all the more wild, even madder, in the rather gloomy- to melancholic-mannered environment of this song. All this is already true right at the beginning of the album with By The Light Of A Sun. Guitar reefs, taking one’s breath away, hard accents, hymnic inserts, everything is present that triggers the fan of this kind of rock delight. In short: a prog hard rock Fest of the finest.

The man on the cover of a way you'll never be is burning brightly. Whether he is John Wesley or nots, is not recognizable with the best will. In any case, the scene symbolizes the fact that John Wesley, together with his men, burns brightly like ever before for progressive rock on his latest album. In any case friends of this kind of hard rock come fully at their expense with this album. And it certainly can do no harm to keep the fire extinguisher at hand.

John Wesley, guitars, vocals
Ian Medhurst, guitars
Sean Malone, bass
Mark Prator, drums

John Wesley - a way you’ll never be

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