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The fingerprint is unmistakable. There must be Mark Knopflers Dire Straits in the game. The first title "Epiphany" of the album 3 Chord Trick of the band Legacy contains clearly recognizable Dire Straits DNA. And that's not surprising, since two of the founders of 3 Chord Trick, Alan Clark and Phil Palmer are long-time members of the cult band Dire Straits. Like the other founder, Marco Caviglia, the two were also active in projects by Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Elton John, Richard Bennett, etc. and so on. For all the old hands, the most diverse varieties of pop are second nature. Trevor Horn, Danny Cummings, Steve Ferrone, Mel Collins and Primiano Di Biase are also in the party. Put on track was the Legacy Project of 3 Chord Trick in late 2016 in the studio of Steve Ferrone in Los Angeles and completed a total of eleven songs in the Forward Studios, Rome.

Inspired by crisp electric and acoustic guitar riffs, the song "Epiphany", which so clearly breathes the spirit of Dire Straits in the vocals, sucks the listener into a whirlwind of a sophisticated and highly professionally realized, diverse music universe that captivates the listener with sophisticated harmony and spacy instrumentation transporting him directly into the vastness of space. In "Here and Now" we stay in the world of Dire Straits. However, here we dive into the world of the Gospel, formed by a large chorus and driven by a mighty trumpeting organ, which loudly glorifies peace as it can only so beautifully take place beyond our planet. "Jesus Street" brings us loud and rhythmic back to earth, after the previous excursion into distant and peaceful reaches of the universe. The title song "3 Chord trick", accompanied by a wonderfully transparent drum sound, exudes a peaceful country mood at its best with pink Dire Straits clouds in the otherwise unclouded blue Country Sky. Continue with "Looking for America" in the style of rock blues, which materializes after a short oriental-colored introduction quickly and then loudly and finally martial thunderous. Again, the guitars provide for a Dire Straits sneaky-airy mood. "Magdalene" turns out to be a piano accompanied simple, beautiful, lyrical song. This soothing central haven of "The Chord Trick" is followed by "Bounty Hunter", a fun-loving song on a South American dance rhythm, which is followed by the quietly flowing song "Tell Me Why", whose vocal part is halfway taken over by an eloquent saxophone organ duo. "Twisting the knife" leads us sophisticatedly instrumented, increasingly elated back to the proven country trail. Finally, back in the harbor of the Dire Straits world, which, strictly speaking, never went completely out of sight in the sequence of songs, we find ourselves in "God's Land". With the last song "Two Days Off" finally the perfect relaxation is called for after twice an interruption with full instrumental chorus shouting out loudly.

3 Chord Trick is a pop-album in Dire Strait's succession, perfectly realized on all levels, inviting to listen to it again and again. The two high-resolution formats, 192 kHz 24-bit FLAC and DSD 128, under which the 3 Chord Trick album is downloadable, do not give anything away concerning the tonal opulence with which the album Three Cord Tricks was lavishly endowed by recording studios on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alan Clark, piano, keyboard, vocals, orchestral arrangements
Phil Palmer, guitars, vocals
Marco Caviglia, guitars, vocals
Steve Ferrone, drums, percussions
Danny Cummings, percussions, vocals
Mel Collins, saxophone
Trevor Horn, bass
Primiano Di Biase, accordion, additional keyboards

Legacy - 3 Chord Trick

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