The Golden Age Woodkid

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Label: Green United

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

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FLAC 96 $ 11.30
  • 1The Golden Age03:44
  • 2Run Boy Run03:32
  • 3The Great Escape03:14
  • 4Boat Song04:31
  • 5I Love You03:49
  • 6The Shore04:13
  • 7Ghost Lights03:39
  • 8Shadows02:05
  • 9Stabat Mater02:49
  • 10Conquest of Spaces04:29
  • 11Falling00:43
  • 12Where I Live04:25
  • 13Iron03:21
  • 14The Other Side03:41
  • Total Runtime48:15

Info for The Golden Age

Debut album from Grammy Award nominated French director, producer and designer Yoann Lemoine, AKA Woodkid. Includes the singles Iron , Run Boy Run and I Love You all of which have critically acclaimed videos. As well as his own work, Woodkid has directed videos for the likes of Lana Del Ray (Born to Run), Drake (Take Care) and Katy Perry (Teenage Dream)

„It's beyond cliche to call sweeping, orchestral music "filmic," but in the case of music video director Yoann Lemoine's debut album as Woodkid, The Golden Age, the term fits. Though he's worked with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Ray, Lemoine's own music is more in line with Antony & the Johnsons -- lavish, often torchy songs that pair dramatic backdrops with his charmingly imperfect vocals. While Antony fans will probably hear a lot to like on The Golden Age, Woodkid's approach isn't as intimate; instead, Lemoine's focus is often on the massive sounds around him. Those sounds are undeniably impressive, particularly on the title track, which opens the album with slowly building strings and brass that eventually unfold into dramatic, suite-like movements, and on "Run Boy Run," which has all the drama of a spaghetti Western score. At times, Lemoine's vocals and songwriting threaten to get lost in the sheer amount of music surrounding them, but just when it seems like it's all too much, he reins things in on "Boat Song" and "Where I Live," both of which suggest he should pare things down more often. Still, Lemoine gets a surprising amount of range out of his maximalist approach, from the more classical-leaning "Stabat Mater" to "I Love You," which with its samples and intricate beats, is the closest Woodkid comes to a contemporary pop song. A beautiful, if at times exhausting album, The Golden Age shows Lemoine is skilled at making music as well as music videos.“ (Heather Phares, AMG)

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