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Label: Hunnia Records

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Artist: Bori Magyar

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FLAC 192 $ 13.20
  • 1I went down the main street in Buza…05:37
  • 2Where I go even the trees cry…04:49
  • 3Yare mardun yara kuta 05:03
  • 4Hey, You, Sisters (Vy sestritsy, podruzhen’ki)04:12
  • 5Blonde Bride09:30
  • 6The dark sky is full of…07:07
  • 7Hey, You, Sisters (Ti barátosim, leánytársaim)04:50
  • Total Runtime41:08

Info for Whole Wide World

„For the record, I wanted to cover songs that had a special effect on me in recent years. Folk songs will always be relevant, their message is eternal. People feel their roots through their folk music, their identity through their mother tongue. World music - as well as this material - is now looking for answers to the question: how is it possible, or perhaps worthwhile, to play ancient songs in our modern world? The musical context in which we place them says a lot about what a folk song brings out of us, how it moves us, how it affects us. This makes the interpretation truly personal. It is a fantastic inner and shared journey. The musical reflections on the songs (which we often formulated together "cutting into each other's words") finally came together on the record into a common essence, a lesson. The record turned out to be quite eclectic, as we relied solely on our intuition when processing the songs, on a wide spectrum of music, without borders.”

Bori Magyar, vocals
Zoltán Mizsei, keyboard, electronics, vocals
Dániel Kardos, guitar
Béla Ágoston, woodwinds
Ábel Dénes, double bass
László Keönch Farkas, percussion, drums, udu, kalimba, frame drum

Bori Magyar
a singer-performer, started his performance career eighteen years ago, and since 2007 he has been an active player in Hungarian ethno- and world music and is one of its most popular singers. Currently, he is the soloist of one of the oldest and most prestigious, style- creating ensembles of Hungarian world music, the Makám ensemble. His voice was previously best known to the public as the soloist of the band Besh o Drom (2007-2011), and then as the singer of the first, self-initiated formation Butterfly Effect (Bori Magyar, Dániel Kardos, János Vázsonyi, Tamás Dömötör). Among others, he also toured with Bobby McFerrin, where he was personally invited by the world-famous jazz singer, as the only Central European singer. The formation of Trio Amor Sanctus was formed last year, which, under the artistic direction of Zoltán Mizsei, aims to recreate the traditional vocal music of the church liturgy and the sacred treasures of Hungarian folk song melodies with 21st-century instruments, vocal improvisations, three-part singing and percussion accompaniment (Keönch László Farkas). From the end of 2021, at the invitation of the Balázs Elemér Group, he appears as a soloist in the band. Other bands: Delalamm, Attacca, Boriván, Anlóg Cuveé, Kistehén, Anima Sound System.

Zoltán Mizsei
is an associate professor at the Budapest Academy of Music, master of the church music department. He is the arranger and composer of several Hungarian world music and sacred themed albums (Irén Lovász, Amor Sanctus, etc.). The use of musical means of expression, chosen with a refined sense, is characteristic of his works and his performing arts practice. Whether acoustic, ancient instruments, vocals, or modern electronic instruments, everything serves the clear message of the melodies and lyrics. Excellent chamber musician and music director.

Dániel Kardos
has been playing together with Magyar Bori in various formations for more than 10 years. In addition to his versatile, characteristic polyphonic guitar playing, he has a special flair for shaping the modern accompaniment of ancient, clean folk songs, while preserving the archaic character stemming from the original melodies.

Béla Ágoston
the band's wind soloist, is a special multi-instrumentalist performer in the Hungarian music scene. The musician, who claims to be simply a "musician", is the founder and member of countless jazz, folk and world music formations. In this project, he was primarily invited as a wind player (saxophones, clarinet, bag pipe, clarinet, flute, etc.), but as a composer, he also helps the creative composition work processes.

Ábel Dénes
Despite his young age, he is a member, among others, of the deservedly world-famous Söndörgő band. He is a versatile artist of folk, jazz and world music bands.

László Keönch Farkas
has been playing together with Bori Magyar in the band Makám since 2014, of which he has been a member since 2006 as a percussionist. In addition, they worked together in several other formations (Butterfly Effect, Attacca, Boriván Trio, Zsolt Koloncsák Trio, Trio Amor Sanctus).

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