Listen Without Prejudice (Remastered) George Michael

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Label: Sony Music CG

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: George Michael

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  • 1Praying for Time (Remastered)04:41
  • 2Freedom! '90 (Remastered)06:30
  • 3They Won't Go When I Go (Remastered)05:05
  • 4Something to Save (Remastered)03:18
  • 5Cowboys and Angels (Remastered)07:13
  • 6Waiting forThat Day (Remastered)04:51
  • 7Mothers Pride (Remastered)03:59
  • 8Heal the Pain (Remastered)04:41
  • 9Soul Free (Remastered)05:27
  • 10Waiting (Reprise) (Remastered)02:25
  • Total Runtime48:10

Info for Listen Without Prejudice (Remastered)

George Michaels' second solo album (after his time with Wham!) could not be more appropriately titled. After the groovy album Faith, the Brit is more serious than cheeky on Listen Without Prejudice. "Freedom 90" has a strong groove, a catchy melody and of course the sex bomb video. The reflective nature of the disc is most evident on the other hit it spawned, "Praying for Time". George Michael's voice is as powerful as ever. "They Won't Go When I Go" (not composed by him) was almost cryptic and "Cowboys and Angels" a lament of a different kind.

"George Michael's solo debut "Faith" was hacked at by English critics like butchers on a raw cutlet three years ago. The fans saw the comeback of their favourite with different eyes after the sudden departure of Wahm! and made the album a million seller. The lust cry "I Want Your Sex" became a super hit, the crown prince of 80s pop distinguished himself as a Prince competitor who credibly conveyed black soul feeling. Three years later, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou seems tamer and more melancholic. "Listen Without Prejudice" should indeed be heard without prejudice: It is a symphony of longings and dreams, a romantic adventure. The 27-year-old son of Greek Cypriot immigrants did without superfluous sound filler and worked with acoustic guitar and piano, with voice and accentuated rhythm. He played many instruments himself. George's predilection for the Motown sound of the 60s is well known and can't be ignored in 1990. Small borrowings from the Wham! chests serve the dance hit "Freedom '90" especially well. There is even a hidden Stones quote: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (in "Waiting For That Day"). George Michael has achieved everything he could again with "Listen Without Prejudice". He continues to be the teen idol that appeals to adult listeners as well." (stereoplay)

"George Michael dares to disturb his audience after Faith. An amazing world of Beatles harmonies opens up, sparsely instrumented soft pop (Something To See, with cello), a ballad accompanied only by piano with a gospel feeling (They Won't Go When I Go), which exaggerates Freedom even more grippingly. In general, however, there is little of the stimulating motorik of I Want Your Sex, instead jazzy swagger (Cowboys And Angels). Experiments that are only partially successful." (Audio)

George Michael

Digitally remastered

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