Steve McQueen (Remastered) Prefab Sprout

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Label: Sony Music CG

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Prefab Sprout

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  • 1Faron Young (Remastered)03:48
  • 2Bonny (Remastered)02:25
  • 3Appetite (Remastered)04:29
  • 4When Love Breaks Down (Remastered)03:46
  • 5Goodbye Lucille #1 (Remastered)03:59
  • 6Hallelujah (Remastered)04:06
  • 7Moving the River (Remastered)04:29
  • 8Horsin' Around (Remastered)04:18
  • 9Desire As (Remastered)03:57
  • 10Blueberry Pies (Remastered)04:39
  • 11When the Angels (Remastered)05:19
  • Total Runtime45:15

Info for Steve McQueen (Remastered)

Around the release of this album back in 1985, Paddy Mcaloon claimed that he was 'probably the best songwriter in the universe'. He wasn't far off the mark. This album is a collection of beautiful, atmospheric, catchy, moving, thoughtful songs, treated with one of the best production efforts Thomas Dolby has ever done - and that's quite something. Wendy Smith's simple, soaring backing vocals and Dolby's very personal keyboard sounds suit Neil Conti's crisp drums, Martin Mcaloon's deep bass and Paddy's complex compositions perfectly. Dolby and the band struck something very special and undefinable on this album that they haven't quite been able to recreate on their following collaborations.

"Smart, sophisticated, and timelessly stylish, Steve McQueen (titled Two Wheels Good in the U.S. after threats of a lawsuit from the actor's estate) is a minor classic, a shimmering jazz-pop masterpiece sparked by Paddy McAloon's witty and inventive songwriting. McAloon is a wickedly cavalier composer, his songs exploring human weaknesses like regret ("Bonny"), lust ("Appetite"), and infidelity ("Horsin' Around") with cynical insight and sarcastic flair; he's also remarkably adaptable, easily switching gears from the faux country of "Faron Young" to the stately pop grace of "Moving the River." At times, perhaps, his pretensions get the better of him (as on "Desire As"), while at other times his lyrics are perhaps too trenchant for their own good; at those moments, however, what keeps Steve McQueen afloat is Thomas Dolby's lush production, which makes even the loftiest and most biting moments as easily palatable as the airiest adult contemporary confection." (Jason Ankeny, AMG)

Paddy McAloon, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Neil Conti, drums, percussion
Martin McAloon, bass
Wendy Smith, keyboards, backing vocals
Additional musicians:
Kevin Armstrong, guitar (on tracks 6, 9)

Produced by Thomas Dolby (except for track 4, which was produced by Phil Thornalley)

Digitally remastered

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