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  • 1Intro SxL01:32
  • 2Deteketei Lambert02:38
  • 3Morgentau03:08
  • 4Laura03:18
  • 5Der Grüne Gnom03:14
  • 6Pocket Tragedy03:33
  • 7Newborn04:22
  • 8Ikarus03:16
  • 9Sommerflimmern03:00
  • 10Glühwürmchen03:58
  • 11Childs Play05:20
  • Total Runtime37:19

Info for Positive

With Stimming, one of Germany’s most credible techno artists, and Lambert, known as ‘the piano man with the mask,’ the duo combines their two different musical backgrounds to create one of the year’s most inventive, inspired albums. For Newborn, this connection led to a quietly uplifting piece.

Throughout the making of Positive, which took about three and a half years, the duo encouraged each other to investigate bold, new universes. Lambert says, “The world was changing, and the music had to reflect that somehow.” So Lambert stepped back from what he calls his ‘safe and cosy piano sound,’ embracing his few lo-fi analogue synths. Stimming, for his part, experimented with new rhythmic techniques, exploiting his versatile understanding of synthesised sound to explore uncharted electro-acoustic territory.

"We share aesthetics and tastes but have a very different way of working to get the music where we want it to be. So we went back to our studios, encouraging each other to leave the safe spaces of our subgenres, even to explore production techniques far from our usual habits." (Lambert)


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