Grains of Gold Ed Carlsen

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Label: XXIM Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

Artist: Ed Carlsen

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  • 1Carlsen: Grains of Gold03:17
  • 2Carlsen: Larya03:23
  • 3Carlsen: Undertow03:38
  • 4Carlsen: Drawn Ashore03:49
  • 5Carlsen: Satori04:23
  • 6Carlsen: Forest, Inwards05:52
  • 7Carlsen: Symmetry in Motion02:23
  • 8Carlsen: Hyacinth03:33
  • 9Carlsen: Fastelavn04:43
  • 10Carlsen: Vega04:12
  • Total Runtime39:13

Info for Grains of Gold

The new album from acclaimed pianist, composer and producer. Grains Of Gold is a masterful collection of ambient electronica full of epic soundscapes and softly billowing crescendos. This is his first album on XXIM Records, the young post genre label launched earlier this year by Sony Masterworks and the first of its kind within Sony Music. The record was created in Hamburg during lockdown and, according to Carlsen, reflects the city's influence, a sense of being stuck in a foreign place and a longing for his hometown of Cagliari.

“Being far from home for a whole year, and especially during the second lockdown, reminded me of the times when I was free to explore my very own island. Everything came back to me: sounds, scents, views. And it all came back with an euphoric emotional charge that made me feel excited and protected at the same time.”

Ed Carlsen, synthesizer

Ed Carlsen
I'll tell you what, never in my life I thought I would be releasing my own music. Until 2015, when I was so amazed by the live shows of Steven Wilson and Nils Frahm and I realised that music was the way to go. I composed all songs over the summer 2015, inspired by the fairytale landscapes of Ravnholm Skov, in Denmark.

Music was my first and greatest passion; I started playing instruments when I was only 6 and I was into artists such as The Beatles and Eagles. I've been playing the guitar for almost 20 years, exploring many genres. I've learnt the technique by studying other artists and my life was mostly about playing in cover bands.

Recently, I started teaching myself how to play the piano; this time, instead of learning through the study of other artists, I decided to follow a different approach that led me to acquire the instrument technique by composing my own songs. At the same time, I have found an interest in sound design and the creation of diegetic sounds, by listening to real life objects and understanding how they might fit into a musical composition.

I see music as an inspiring form of art, where the beauty of the imperfections and spontaneity of a performance meet the perfection of a thoroughly planned production. This is why, in 'The Journey Tapes', you will hear electronic sounds and orchestral arrangements, mixed with the cracking of the mechanical components of the piano and whatever goes on in the room during the recording.

Booklet for Grains of Gold

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