A Sheik's Legacy Thomas Abban

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Label: RCA Records Label

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

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  • 1Death Song05:56
  • 2Symmetry & Black Tar04:21
  • 3Fear03:54
  • 4Aladdin05:09
  • 5Time To Think04:14
  • 6Horizons05:45
  • 7Sinner04:17
  • 8Don't You Stay The Same03:21
  • 9Let Me Tell You Something02:55
  • 10Irene03:11
  • 11Lord04:18
  • 12Uh03:23
  • 13Echo04:23
  • 14Black Water04:43
  • 15Born Of Fire06:10
  • Total Runtime01:06:00

Info for A Sheik's Legacy

A Sheik’s Legacy, the debut album from Thomas Abban, arrived with black, white, and gray artwork that shows the phenomenal Minneapolis singer/multi-instrumentalist (and 2017 City Pages Picked to Click winner) from the chest up, shirtless, his shoulders and neck covered in cryptic markings, a star beneath his right eye. It was a striking introduction to a striking new artist, suiting the emphasis Abban places on the visual aspect of his artistry. And the dark, blank space on the cover also suggests the mystery at the heart of Abban’s music, which ranges from tender acoustic folk to stomping blues-rock, with classical- and jazz-influenced guitar work thrown in for good measure.

Thomas Abban, guitar, vocals

Thomas Abban
Guitar prodigy and boundary pushing songwriter, Thomas Abban's 2017 debut album, A Sheik's Legacy blazes its way into brand new territories courtesy of the up and coming young artist's new deal with RCA Records. "It's a rare artist who insists on playing every instrument on their debut record, mixing together a series of intense guitar, bass, drum, piano and vocal performances to approximate the sound of one live, righteous rock band," writes The Current. "At only 21 years old, Thomas Abban has already established himself as a singular artist in the Minnesota music community; he has an ambitious, larger than life artistic vision, a meticulous approach to executing his songs, and the restless creative impulses of someone unconcerned with where they fit in the larger musical universe. His music travels through time, stretching back to the prog and experimental rock of the 1970s. At times, it sounds like it could have been conceived by druids in ancient medieval times ("Aladdin," "Symmetry and Black Tar"), or a wild-eyed poet in Greenwich Village during the folk renaissance ("Irene," "Echo")."

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