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Label: Arcana

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri & Giulio Prandi

Composer: Niccolo Jommelli (1714-1774)

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  • Anonymous:
  • 1Requiem, Antiphona: Dominus custodit te02:45
  • Niccolò Jommelli (1714 - 1774):
  • 2Requiem, Introitus: Requiem æternam05:27
  • Requiem, Kyrie:
  • 3Requiem, Kyrie: I. Kyrie eleison00:54
  • 4Requiem, Kyrie: II. Christe eleison01:07
  • 5Requiem, Kyrie: III. Kyrie eleison01:07
  • Anonymous:
  • 6Requiem, Tractus: Absolve, Domine03:15
  • Niccolò Jommelli: Requiem, Sequentia:
  • 7Requiem, Sequentia: I. Dies iræ03:31
  • 8Requiem, Sequentia: II. Salva me04:36
  • 9Requiem, Sequentia: III. Voca me02:30
  • 10Requiem, Sequentia: IV. Pie Jesu01:49
  • Requiem, Offertorium:
  • 11Requiem, Offertorium: I. Domine, Jesu Christe02:26
  • 12Requiem, Offertorium: II. Hostias et preces02:48
  • Requiem, Sanctus:
  • 13Requiem, Sanctus: I. Sanctus01:48
  • 14Requiem, Sanctus: II. Hosanna01:05
  • Requiem: Benedictus:
  • 15Requiem: Benedictus03:30
  • Requiem, Agnus Dei:
  • 16Requiem, Agnus Dei: I. Agnus Dei01:32
  • 17Requiem, Agnus Dei: II. Dona eis01:35
  • Requiem, Communio:
  • 18Requiem, Communio: I. Lux æterna00:59
  • 19Requiem, Communio: II. Requiem æternam02:27
  • Anonymous:
  • 20Requiem, Postcommunio: Inveniat01:25
  • Niccolò Jommelli: Requiem, Responsorium:
  • 21Requiem, Responsorium: I. Libera me01:53
  • 22Requiem, Responsorium: II. Quando cœli00:40
  • 23Requiem, Responsorium: III. Dum veneris01:00
  • 24Requiem, Responsorium: IV. Tremens factus01:15
  • 25Requiem, Responsorium: V. Quando cœli00:41
  • 26Requiem, Responsorium: VI. Dies illa01:27
  • 27Requiem, Responsorium: VII. Dum veneris01:43
  • Total Runtime55:15

Info for Jommelli: Requiem

After the great success of their first disc for Arcana featuring two unpublished masterpieces by Pergolesi, which won the ‘Diapason Découverte’ award, Giulio Prandi and the Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri return with a new recording, devoted to Niccolò Jommelli’s Requiem. Composed in 1756 for the solemn obsequies of the Duke of Württemberg’s mother, it became the most popular Requiem setting in Europe until Mozart’s, written in 1791.

Jommelli’s work, which is bound to surprise even the most seasoned enthusiast of this repertory, is dominated by a luminous intimacy that does not rely on fearsome and spectacular effects, but concentrates on vocal beauty and subtle musical narration. The voices of Sandrine Piau and Carlo Vistoli lie at the heart of a structure in which the choir participates in an iridescent contrapuntal texture making full use of the skills gained during the composer’s years in Venice and Rome.

The outcome of a long process of research, this recording is based on a new critical edition that presents for the first time a coherent and complete score of the Requiem, and incorporates the sections in plainchant, thus restoring the authentic musical balance Jommelli intended the work’s first listeners to experience.

Sandrine Piau, soprano
Carlo Vistoli, alto
Salvo Vitale, bass
Raffaele Giordani, tenor
Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri
Giulio Prandi, conductor

Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri
is an Italian vocal and instrumental ensemble which specializes in the sacred repertoire of the eighteenth century. Founded in 2003 by their conductor, Giulio Prandi, Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri is the ensemble in residence of the historic Collegio Ghislieri of Pavia, and have performed in prestigious European concert halls and at major international festivals. In 2018, they celebrated their 15th anniversary debuting at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, in January, and at the Berliner Philharmonie, in November.

After a series of CDs produced for Sony - Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, in 2018 a new album devoted to Pergolesi has been published for Arcana - Outhere Music and received the prestigious prize Diapason Découverte. In 2019 they will record a new CD for Arcana – Outhere Music dedicated to Jommelli’s Requiem.

Since 2017, their musical research has been supported by a Scientific Committee established in partnership with the Musicology and Cultural Heritage Department of the University of Pavia.

Giulio Prandi
is an Italian conductor, who specialises in the vocal and sacred repertoire of the 18th century. He is the artistic and musical director of Ghislierimusica at the Collegio Ghislieri of Pavia, founded and conducts the Ghislieri Choir & Consort, with whom he performed at many international concert venues and made numerous recordings. He also is always involved in the popularisation of early music in his area, particularly by following the activities of the University Choir of Collegio Ghislieri. Since 2017, he has taught choral singing at the Conservatorio F. Vittadini in Pavia. In 2017 and 2018, he held a workshop on the Italian sacred vocal repertoire of the 18th century at the Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan.

“Prandi produces admirably direct and strongly characterized performances, with alert and polished playing from the period-instrument orchestra. The choir is also excellent, with words to the fore and a pure blended sound but with plenty of energy and virtuosity where required.” – Peter Holman, Early Music (Oxford University Press), February 2017

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