Double Portrait Fabrice Moreau Quintet

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Label: Incises

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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FLAC 96 $ 12.80
  • 1Sink07:27
  • 2Jaune03:54
  • 3Valence05:21
  • 4Double Portrait05:50
  • 5Pensierosa04:26
  • 6Léger naufrage05:21
  • 7Ajax02:55
  • 8Emersion03:40
  • 9Vert05:59
  • 10Sospiro06:03
  • 11Bram05:51
  • Total Runtime56:47

Info for Double Portrait

Improvisation, composition: "As a drummer I think of improvisation the moment I play a note, written out or not. The rehearsal/creation of my compositions was a two-stage process – firstly, playing the music as written in the score like a – traditional - orchestra would do, then detaching oneself from the score and working on a stepping back,on silence and the emergence of melodic lines like memories that suddenly surface."

A dual creative approach:"I wanted to link my music with my painting, to connect the drummer’s gesture to the painter’s. I make no distinction between the two disciplines, I have always had a very close relationship with them and I’ve always felt an almost simultaneous desire to play /compose and to paint, to externalize a vision and an inner song."

Links between painting and music: "And navigating this sometimes limpid, sometimes mysterious musical or pictorial language, one foot in reality, the other elsewhere, I like to feel a giddiness and find what I haven’t been looking for. "

Ricardo Izquierdo, tenor saxophone
Nelson Veras, guitar
Jozef Dumoulin, piano
Matyas Szandai, double bass
Fabrice Moreau, drums

Fabrice Moreau
Major drummer on the French jazz scene, known for his elegant musical game, his science of rhythm and his minimalism, Fabrice Moreau makes us finally discover his compositions. If we find unequivocally the characteristics that are the reputation of the drummer, we discover his talent for orchestration, the subtlety of his combinations, his sense of light, his colors and his melodies, worn by remarkable musicians.

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