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  • 1Episode 200:50
  • 2A Tony Perspective02:08
  • 3Consider Yourselves Undermined!05:12
  • 4A Matter of Perception01:50
  • 5Diggin' the New Digs01:42
  • 6This Ain't My Super-Suit?00:57
  • 7Elastigirl Is Back01:00
  • 8Train of Taut03:17
  • 9Rocky vs. Jack-Jack01:58
  • 10Ambassador Ambush02:29
  • 11Hero Worship01:08
  • 12Searching for a Screenslaver04:40
  • 13Super Legal Again00:42
  • 14Renouncing the Renunciation01:38
  • 15World's Worst Babysitters01:33
  • 16Helen of Ploy00:55
  • 17A Dash of Reality02:03
  • 18Hydrofoiled Again03:51
  • 19Jack Splat01:30
  • 20A Bridge Too Parr04:17
  • 21Together Forever and Deavor01:45
  • 22Elastigirl's Got a Plane to Catch03:00
  • 23Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen01:59
  • 24Happily After-Deavor01:15
  • 25Out and a Bout00:36
  • 26Incredits 209:51
  • 27Here Comes Elastigirl - Elastigirl's Theme01:23
  • 28Chill or Be Chilled - Frozone's Theme01:40
  • 29Pow! Pow! Pow! - Mr. Incredible's Theme01:30
  • 30Devtechno!01:53
  • 31Chad Tonight Talk Show Theme00:05
  • 32Chad Tonight Newscast Bumper00:06
  • 33Here Comes Elastigirl - Elastigirl's Theme (A Cappella)01:20
  • 34Chill or Be Chilled - Frozone's Theme (A Cappella)01:36
  • 35Pow! Pow! Pow! - Mr. Incredible's Theme (A Cappella)01:31
  • 36The Glory Days (A Cappella)01:39
  • Total Runtime01:14:49

Info for Incredibles 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

From the Academy Award-winning team that brought you Finding Nemo comes the hilarious action-packed adventure about a family of undercover action heroes who, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world! Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Brad Bird (The Iron Giant). Michael Giacchino, renowned composer of The Lost World: Jurassic Park & TV's Alias, composed the original score. The soundtrack features 19 memorable tracks from the film.

"Like almost all Pixar-related things, Michael Giacchino's score for The Incredibles strikes the right balance of earnestness and cool. His big, jazzy, orchestral music for the film is a heartfelt tribute to Lalo Schifrin and the other '60s composers who used jazz and exotica to give their scores a modern flair, but Giacchino's work sounds fresh and hip in its own right. It's somewhat surprising that this is his first film score (Brad Bird's introduction in the album's liner notes explains that Giacchino has written music for video games and television previously), but only because The Incredibles sounds so self-assured and distinctive. Comic book-ready track titles like "Bob vs. the Omnidroid" and "Lava in the Afternoon" only hint at the score's sound, which manages to be thrilling and just tongue-in-cheek enough to be cartoonish at the same time. Rousing pieces like "The Glory Days," "Life's Incredible Again," and "A Whole Family of Supers" are immediate attention-getters, but quieter bits of mystery like the beginning of "Adventure Calling," and "New and Improved" wind through the score like a trail of bread crumbs to follow to the action-packed moments. There's sneaking-around music in the form of "Escaping Nomanisan" and thrilling escape, battle, and rescue music like "100 Mile Dash," "Saving Metroville," and "Marital Rescue." Just as importantly, Giacchino spent as much loving detail on the bad guys' music as he did on the Incredibles: "Kronos Unveiled" is a wonderfully evil and danger-packed theme. Stylish, fun, and rousing, The Incredibles is a score for true score buffs; with no pop songs to get in the way, the album adds to the feeling that, unlike some of their competitors' work, Pixar's films aren't just waiting to be exploited by musical tie-ins." (Heather Phares, AMG)

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