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  • 1Autobahn (3-D)14:26
  • 2Kometenmelodie 1 / Kometenmelodie 2 / Mitternacht / Morgenspaziergang (3-D)12:31
  • 3Geiger Counter / Radioactivity (3-D)06:45
  • 4Radioland (3-D)05:55
  • 5Airwaves (3-D)06:01
  • 6Intermission / News / The Voice Of Energy (3-D)02:33
  • 7Antenna (3-D)03:37
  • 8Radio Stars / Uranium / Transistor / Ohm Sweet Ohm (3-D)07:57
  • 9Trans Europe Express / Metal On Metal / Abzug (3-D)06:47
  • 10Franz Schubert / Europe Endless (3-D)07:09
  • 11The Hall Of Mirrors (3-D)05:26
  • 12Showroom Dummies (3-D)03:39
  • 13The Man Machine (3-D)05:08
  • 14Spacelab (3-D)05:27
  • 15The Model (3-D)03:39
  • 16Neon Lights (3-D)05:43
  • 17The Robots (3-D)07:43
  • 18Metropolis (3-D)05:45
  • 19Numbers / Computer World (3-D)06:20
  • 20It's More Fun To Compute / Home Computer (3-D)06:11
  • 21Computer Love (3-D)06:33
  • 22Pocket Calculator / Dentaku (3-D)06:34
  • 23Electric Cafe (3-D)03:54
  • 24The Telephone Call / House Phone (3-D)05:26
  • 25Sex Object (3-D)05:30
  • 26Boing Boom Tschak (3-D)02:35
  • 27Techno Pop (3-D)02:50
  • 28Music Non Stop (3-D)07:45
  • 29The Robots (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)07:43
  • 30Computer Love (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)06:45
  • 31Pocket Calculator / Dentaku (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)06:35
  • 32Autobahn (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)14:26
  • 33Geiger Counter / Radioactivity (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)06:47
  • 34Trans-Europe Express / Metal On Metal / Abzug (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)07:53
  • 35It's More Fun To Compute / Home Computer (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)06:11
  • 36Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop / Music Non Stop (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)13:03
  • 37Planet Of Visions (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)07:52
  • 38Tour De France / Prologue / Etape 1 / Chrono / Etape 2 (3-D)14:42
  • 39Vitamin (3-D)05:53
  • 40Aero Dynamik (3-D)06:00
  • 41Elektro Kardiogramm (3-D)04:37
  • 42La Forme / Régéneration (3-D)06:47
  • Total Runtime04:45:03

Info for 3-D The Catalogue (English)

Kraftwerk - 3-D The Catalogue: This set features the eight classic Kraftwerk albums in chronological order: Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981), Techno Pop (1986), The Mix (1991) and Tour De France (2003) – filmed and recorded between 2012 and 2016 on the band’s 3-D World Tour. The locations include MoMA (New York), The Tate Modern Turbine Hall (London), Akasaka Blitz (Tokyo), Opera House (Sydney), Norske Opera (Oslo), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris) and Neue National Galerie (Berlin).


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