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  • 1Introduction, the director04:09
  • 2The latin lover tango06:25
  • 3Grand waltz and bacchanalia07:20
  • 4Screen test and film scene04:58
  • 5Gramophone medley: fox-trot one step03:26
  • 6Little Mary, the country girl04:09
  • 7Cesare, the somnambulist & Pirata Joe, the swashbuckling hero05:39
  • 8Death of a hero-end of act I03:39
  • 9Story of a tragic love affair09:27
  • 10I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier – “The parade”05:50
  • 11The big War epic (The coming of sound)03:02
  • 12Finale (played on an original Wurlitzer organ built 1925)03:14
  • Total Runtime01:01:18

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“Many people do not copy, many others do. I started on it accidentally, and I find that it teaches many things, and above all it sometimes gives me consolation. And my brush goes between my fingers as a bow would on the violin, and absolutely for my own pleasure". (Vincent Van Gogh)

This project was carried out in London in July 1988 at the Artaud Theater of the Institute of French Culture. The recordings were made by Giulio Cesare Ricci assisted by Bé Yamamura, whom I would also like to thank on behalf of Carlos for his commitment at all times, technically, humanly and for the valuable advice without which we would not have reached this result. All sessions were recorded live with 4 Neumann tube microphones, 2 main M-49 and 2 ambience M-47. The signal without manipulation passes simultaneously on a Studer J-37 tube four-track and a PCM digital 1630 2-track; only occasionally did we use a Studer 2-track tube model C-37 machine. Even when it came to working on prerecorded material we used the same microphone configuration equalizing the sound of the tape, which through Goldmund speakers reproduced the wind or the voices of angels, with the musicians playing live. I thank everyone at the French Cultural Institute and all the musicians who took part in the recordings, especially JohnKnight for his unsurpassed work.

The Lindsay Kemp Company:
Carlos Miranda, piano, organ, accordion
Enid Hughes, flute, piccolo
Julia Munn, clarinet, bass clarinet
David White, saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet
John Knight, violin 1 solo
Perry Mason, violin 2
Andrew Price, violin 3
Basil Smart, violin 4
George Robertson, viola 1
Morris Bosworth, viola 2
Anthony Pleeth, cello 1 solo
Robin Firman, cello 2
Quentin Williams, cello 3
Paul Cullington, bass
David Watkins, harp
John O’hara, percussion
Greg Knowles, percussion
Les Thather, banjo, mandoline
Patrick Harrild, tuba
David Hanock, trumpet, cornet
Nick Carr, conductor
The incredible Orlando
Timothy Bond, Wurlitzer organ solo
Blue Lu, The slap, harmonica solo

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