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Label: LABORIE Jazz

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Vocal

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  • 1Tomorrow04:55
  • 2Bright Shadows05:14
  • 3Hope Is a Swan04:03
  • 4Nehanda04:16
  • 5Calle Silencio05:01
  • 6The Shell05:10
  • 7Stranger04:54
  • 8Jasmine Flower04:26
  • 9Contemplation04:04
  • Total Runtime42:03

Info for Bright Shadows

With Bright Shadows Anne Paceo’s odyssey has taken a powerfully introspective and enchantingly poetic turn. Not only has she authored the works, her rhythmic vocabulary leading the way, but her voice now rises “to sing the world her poem”.

With her hybrid compositions—a captivating, colorful mix of cerulean pop and mellow soul including bursts of electro, subtle minimalist motifs, even the occasional whiff of West African beat—Anne Paceo delves into the shadows that loom here and there extracting beams of light. “Shadow comes in light and the Life goes all around”.

Forever contemplating the world, Anne Paceo’s sensitive compositions offer soothing narratives inspired by the topics she feels concerned and driven by.

She addresses the stranger who has had to leave a native land as well as the stranger in their own land even their own body; something she feels intimately, as many of us might. Probing her soul she testifies to another obsession of hers, metamorphosis: the very instant one evolves, is transformed and changes skin to become another. One must then reflect upon ourselves, explore our inner self so that we may emerge from darkness to bathe in light. One must understand our bizarre world as it spins and we ourselves spin within it. Such is the salutary leitmotiv of scintillating shadows delivered by Anne Paceo in Bright Shadows.

For this new chapter she is accompanied by five eclectic and singular musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds. The solemn lyricism of singer Florent Mateo coupled with the captivating, soft, full-bodied voice of Ann Shirley are supported by the hypnotic nocturnal distortions of Tony Paeleman’s keyboard, the colorful harmonies emerging from Pierre Perchaud’s guitar and the incandescent spirit of Christophe Panzani’s saxophone.

Ann Shirley, vocals
Florent Mateo, vocals
Christophe Panzani, saxophone, clarinet
Pierre Perchaud, guitar
Tony Paeleman, keyboards, bass synth
Anne Paceo, drums, vocals

Anne Paceo - Drummer Anne Paceo lived an exceptional year crowned by the release of her second trio album 'Empreintes' on the Laborie/Naive label. Her two trio albums with her band «triphase» have received particularly good reviews and the has band toured in many countries and festivals including Chile, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Portugal, Taiwan, ..

Anne Is also leading a carrier as a «sidewoman» since her 19 years old. She has played with the cream of international jazz... China Moses, Rhoda Scott, Rick Margitza, Houston Person, Andy Sheppard, Christian Escoudé, Dan Tepfer....

The 27 year-old drummer received the award «Victoire du Jazz, révélation instrumentale 2011», «Django d’Or 2009» category “young talent”, and was selected for being the drummer of the European Jazz Orchestra 2010.

in 2006 and 2007 she had a monthly carte blanche at the prestigious Paris jazz club, 'le Duc des Lombards'. She has invited the cream of French and international jazz scene including Henri Texier, Rhoda Scott, Julien Lourau and Rick Margitza.

In 2007 she won the 1st prize as soloist at 'Sunside new talent Trophees'. She also won the 'Young talent prize' at the Montauban festival, the '1st group prize' in the elimination contest “L’esprit jazz” and she has been chosen to play in New York with the CNSMDP for the close of the annual IAJE conference in the set preceding Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra.

Anne Paceo started playing the drums when she was 9. Born in 1984, she took her first steps in jazz at the age of 12 at the Children for Jazz festival at Barcelonnette where she took part in the master classes of Dianne Reeves, Kenny Garrett and Ravi Coltrane. In 2000 she studied under the direction of Sunny Murray for 1 years and then studied with Andrea Michelutti.

In 2004 she met the guitarist Christian Escoudé who invited her to join his Progressive sextet together with Marcel Azzola, Jean-Marc Jaffet, Jean-Baptiste Laya and Stéphane Guillaume. Subsequently she joined his trio and his quartet together with Geraldine Laurent and Florent Gac. In 2005 she entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris and studied there with Dre Pallemaerts, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin, Riccardo Del Fra, François Théberge and finished it with 'mention très bien'.

In 2006 she met the organist Rhoda Scott, known as “the bare-foot lady”, and they have played together in different musical projects since. During 2007 she was regularly invited by Alain Jean-Marie to play in his quartet together with Guillaume Naturel and Darryl Hall.

She was also granted her 1st annual residence at the Duc des Lombards where she invited Pierre De Bethmann, Rick Margitza, Gilles Naturel, Emile Parisien and Yaron Herman. Her concerts have been broadcast by France Musiques in Claude Carriere and Jean Delmas’ program 'The Jazz Club'.

Over the past years we have been able to hear Anne play in the company of Rick Margitza, Rhoda Scott, China Moses, Andy Sheppard, Yaron Herman, Christian Escoudé, Joe Martin, Darryl Hall, Giovanni Mirabassi, Riccardo Del Fra, Laurent Dehors, Marcel Azzola, Stéphane Guillaume, Nelson Veras, Mederic Collignon, Sylvain Beuf, Henri Texier, Stéphane Kérécki, Alain Jean-Marie, Thomas Savy, Geraldine Laurent, Andy Emier, David Reinhardt, Eric Le Lann...

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