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  • 1Stell dir vor05:29
  • 2Haus03:56
  • 3Wie tief04:26
  • 4Mond04:07
  • 5Meer05:40
  • 6Uhr01:28
  • 7Moment05:22
  • 8Tag06:05
  • 9Medley de Luxe08:44
  • 10Geschichten05:48
  • 11Ins Licht06:21
  • 12Was zählt für dicch04:31
  • 13Wege09:34
  • 14Reise04:46
  • 15Sing laut06:19
  • 16True self07:09
  • Total Runtime01:29:45

Info for Live deLUXe

She's perhaps Germany's most wonderful insider tip. Almost 40 years have passed since Christina Lux and Oliver George played together in a rock band in Kassel. Those were Christina Lux's first steps on stage. After a year with many concerts, the voice of the then 18-year-old did not keep up and she had to take a break. "That was hard for me because I didn't know if I could fix it." It got better again, but she didn't want to go back to a rock band. In 1986 she got in touch with Edo & Vilko Zanki and recorded some songs together with Oliver George. They put them on a music cassette and visited the Zankis in their studio. "I only really felt how much the influence of Edo Zanki's way of singing influenced me when I started writing lyrics in German in 2006. A master."

Another 12 years went by with various formations until Christina Lux released her first EP in 1998 and was a guest with the band Fury in the Slaughterhouse on their Klein- aber-Fein Tour. Another 8 albums and many concerts followed.

In 2013 Oliver George and Christina Lux met again and started composing and playing together again in the following years. In 2018, the album LEISE BILDER was released. It was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize. It was Christina Lux's first entirely German-language album. In 2021, the album LICHTBLICKE was released. The two have also been on tour together since 2017.

In April of this year, a recording of a concert came about quite unplanned, and so they decided to turn it into a live double album long awaited by listeners. "Since we fortunately didn't know that the sound man was recording, we just played freely. It was exactly this liveliness that we liked so much when we listened to it that we decided to put it on a double album."

The live album contains many songs from the last two albums and a medley of older English-language songs. You can feel the great joy of playing on vocals, guitars and drums. There are improvised moments in which both let come what will come. These are Lux's unusual onomatopoeias and rhythmic scat interludes, Oliver's versatile talent on guitar, vocals and drums as well as the tasteful use of sounds and electronic elements that George lets fly in from the sampling pad. All this makes the album an impressive snapshot.

They sound like a big band, only to play a deeply touching, completely intimate song in the next moment with just two guitars and their voices. Christina Lux's voice is warm and big. She is a great guitarist, plays baritone, nylon and steel string guitar with her own groovy style and Oliver George on electric guitar finds exactly the sounds that create even more atmosphere. And bang, he sits at the drums and the sampling pad again and works his magic. As with True Self, also in the middle of the song.

Lux tells her stories with wonderful lyricism and fine poetry. You sense that there is someone who asks questions, dives deep and looks. You sense that two people have found each other, who give each other space, listen to each other and give the song exactly the accompaniment it needs to shine. Glimpses of light in a turbulent time.

Christina Lux, guitar, vocals
Oliver George, drums

Christina Lux
In 1983 she started as a singer in a rock band, then traveled through the world of jazz, ended up in the multicultural a cappella band Vocaleros and began writing her own songs in 1996. Christina Lux released her first EP in 1998. After the nominations of Album Playground 2012 and Album Embrace 2015, the album Leise Bilder was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize in 2018. The tenth and current album Lichtblicke was released in 2021.

The musician, who comes from Karlsruhe and now lives in Cologne, has worked with Edo Zanki, Laith al Deen, Purple Schulz, Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Chris Jones and Mick Karn, Stoppok and many others. She has also toured with Paul Young, Tuck & Patti, Long John Baldry, Status Quo, Midge Ure, Henrik Freischlader, Astrid North, Regy Clasen and many others.

The lyrics are clear and profound. Her voice is urgent and warm. Plus round, well-arranged songs with fine melodies. She stands up for the things that move her and puts them into music and poetry.

Her song What counts for you was awarded the song prize from the song best list in 2020. An appeal to look and not take anything of what you have for granted. “Having a privilege always means that someone else doesn’t have it,” she says. "And I'm aware of that." She also manages to maintain a lot of lightness and humor with the deep topics and to tell stories with her poetry in such a way that they lovingly take you into your own story. And so a Lux concert is always a journey through your own brain and then right into your heart.

Her album Leise Bilder, which she wrote and produced together with her long-time companion Oliver George, was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize in 2018 as one of the artistically outstanding new releases. Her new album Lichtblicke was released in November 2021. The album was also nominated for the German Record Critics' Prize in 1/22.

Christina Lux is a wonderful guitarist with her very own style, who continually celebrates her music live with an impressive presence. Together with their companion Oliver George on drums, guitars and vocals, they both get involved with each other with great joy and it is amazing how spacious and intense just two musicians can be. The touching musicality and range of Christina Lux & Oliver George is unusual.

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