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Biography Tingvall Trio

Martin Tingvall
Hej, I’m responsible for all kinds of black and white keys. I personally like different kinds of music and I hope that you can not only hear that in my songs, but also in the fantastic playing of my friends and colleagues Jürgen and Omar. Normally I compose when I am in my home country Sweden. In the little town of Snarestad in the south I have found a place of silence for myself. Here I have peace to work on new compositions and to play.

Omar Rodriguez Calvo
Hola, I am the bassist of this trio. Between Martin’s nordic melodies and Jürgen’s rhythms, I keep the us together with deep tones from my bass and my pulsating cuban heartbeat. The trio is a very important part of my musical journey; it bonds the emotions from life, everything between quiet expression and explosive fire. Our music comes from three very different personalities, but in the end we become one: Music!

Jürgen Spiegel
I am Jürgen, the drummer. Because of my experience in musical styles other than jazz (mostly rock, pop and hip-hop www.drums-for-your-song.com) I provide rhythm for the trio from a different side. I get lyrical input from Martin and Omar and I mix it with my way of playing, which i find extremely inspiring. The challenge of playing together is very enriching: no concert is the same as the last one and I believe that the compositions provide me with so much freedom and space that, together, we always end up on new shores.

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