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Ehud Graf
is a visual artist. Born and raised in the suburbs of Tel Aviv Ehud absorbed the urban atmosphere. As a second child to a middle class family his mum have chosen to let him develop his creative features, what have later on proved to be the very right decision.

Surrounded with music and computer games Ehud found himself drawn to the graphic design and multicolorfulness. He began drawing his own works at the age of 15 converting patterns he saw in his imaginative perception into reality. As technology evolved making Photoshop and other software available to users Ehud Graf found himself occupied many hours a day. He would soon use those tools as his own brush.

Being an autodidact Ehud found an advertising agency that appreciated his ability to recognize the main idea regarding a product/service. His designs were accurate as well as humorous buying him the freedom to create his own style at work.

Nearly a decade later in his early 30’s Ehud quit his job and went to the far east to find inspiration and let his mind wonder. A few months later he returned to Tel Aviv with a new concept.

The Art Factory was born as a “state of mind” encapsulating all the creative features Graf has developed over the years. At 35 the freedom to design without trying to sell something becomes his visual art. The viewer that was used to figuring out the “language” of adverts is left to his own device enjoying the impossibility reflecting from Graf’s psychedelic mind.

At the Art Factory the user/customer/surfer can also enjoy original music Ehud Graf recorded himself as well as “Industrial Hippies” - A musical project with an Israeli artist Guy Mesika. In the same manner the listener could find the absurdity alongside sounds from different eras mixed into one track. “I love making one’s laugh as I trust we are in the process of understanding It is all a temporary Ride.”

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