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Label: Kscope

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

Artist: TesseracT

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FLAC 44.1 $ 11.30
  • 1Dystopia06:51
  • 2Hexes05:17
  • 3Survival04:25
  • 4Tourniquet05:59
  • 5Utopia05:33
  • 6Phoenix03:53
  • 7Messenger03:34
  • 8Cages05:28
  • 9Seven Names05:40
  • Total Runtime46:40

Info for Polaris

Polaris is the third album from Metal innovators TesseracT and its first on the Kscope label. TesseracT has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving modern Metal scene.

Originally formed as a studio project by guitarist Acle Kahney, TesseracT dispensed with established notions of what Metal should sound like and quickly developed a unique and daring sonic approach, spearheading the ›djent‹ movement.

Acle recruited an accomplished line-up capable of realising his groundbreaking compositions and once complete, the band embarked upon a quest to inject originality and excitement into the predictable Metal scene of the late 2000s. The band's debut album One received widespread critical acclaim and included the staggering six-part centrepiece Concealing Fate, which brilliantly showcased TesseracT's pioneering style and unstoppable arsenal of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies and disorientating atmospherics.

The primarily acoustic Perspective EP appeared in May 2012 to an ecstatic response, and shortly after the band's status as Progressive Metal's most important creative force was publicly celebrated when TesseracT picked up the Best New Band trophy at 2012's inaugural Progressive Music Awards in London. The band released its second, equally acclaimed, album Altered State in early 2013.

Having found a new creative energy after reuniting with original singer Dan Tompkins, the band's highly anticipated 2015 opus Polaris is an undoubted evolution from Altered State and features skilful experimentation with sounds and tones, plus a deeper exploration of the core attributes that define TesseracT's trademark sound.

"All five members prove to reveal a convincingly compelling identity with the constant upkeep of an alluring sense of urgency. The matured musicianship breaks TesseracT free from the djent genre restriction chokehold and exposes the band for who they really are, a well-rounded progressive musical group incapable of being pinned down to a specific classification. Even while searching for flaws in this record, the only to surface were all but trivial complaints in regards to flow and other nitpicking. Excelling as a whole and beckoning for an entire listen back-to-front, Polaris is best defined as a sum of the group's polished production smoothly colliding with an offensive onslaught of vocal and instrumentation virtuosity." (www.metalinjection.net)

Daniel Tompkins, vocals
Alec Kahney, guitars
James Monteith, guitars
Amos Williams, bass
Jay Postones, drums
Guest musicians:
Martin Grech, additional vocals (on track 2)

Produced by Alec Kahney, Aidan O'Brien, Amos Williams

began life as a solo project in a dark, cluttered room inhabited by Acle Kahney. With the initial idea to create music with no boundaries, except that it must move you and make you want to groove, embrace and enhance you; giving you what you think you want and then taking you somewhere totally unexpected. Like the namesake novel (though not connected) and ideas surrounding the tesseract, the band creates ripples of musical realities and unseen (or in this case unheard of) sonic dimensions.

Beginning in the virtual world of the studio in a box, by utilising the possibilities of modern technology, TesseracT are able to bring the dark and dense multi faceted sound of their recordings to the stage uncompromised and in full. Combining a highly energetic exciting sound with the symphony of audio elements has given TesseracT a reputation as outstanding and unbelievable act in the flesh.

The band is: Acle Kahney and James Montieth - Guitars; Abisola Obasanya - Vocals; Jay Postones -Drums; Amos Williams - Bass and vocals; and of course the ever growing rack of pcb's, leads and cpu's known perhaps ominously as HAAL. Since the formation of the live band, the music has evolved into a more visceral and entrancing being. Sung through the voices of each individual, it has a less mechanical vibe as is often the case with music from similar origin, and more of a human quality than you would expect. Like actors performing from a script the already expansive and unique parts are given a character and life that only musicians with passion can add.

The band as it is now formed just under a couple of years ago through meeting at gigs and keeping in touch with each other over the net.

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