The Absence Melody Gardot

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Label: Decca / Universal

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Melody Gardot

Composer: Melody Gardot

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  • 1Mira04:13
  • 2Amalia03:02
  • 3So Long03:46
  • 4So We Meet Again My Heartache04:24
  • 5Lisboa*05:25
  • 6Impossible Love03:47
  • 7If I Tell You I Love You03:35
  • 8Goodbye03:38
  • 9Se Voce Me Ama04:54
  • 10My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way02:37
  • 11Iemanja04:03
  • Total Runtime43:24

Info for The Absence

The Absence is the third record from Grammy-nominated Melody Gardot. Produced by Heitor Pereira, renowned for his work as a film composer (Despicable Me, It's Complicated, From Prada to Nada) and world-class session guitarist (Sting, Seal, Caetano Veloso), the Brazilian-born, US-based artist shared Melody's enthusiasm for driving off the beaten path of Western pop, jazz, blues and soul. And he was as adventurous as Melody when it came to inventive sonic ideas. From the deserts of Morocco to the streets of Lisboa, from the tango bars of Buenos Aires to the beaches of Brazil, The Absence captures the essence of each of these exotic locales, while at the same time remaining quintessentially Melody Gardot.

Written by Melody and produced by composer and guitarist Heitor Pereira – who also composed all the orchestral arrangements on the album – ‘The Absence’ is a stunning 11-track culmination of Melody’s year-long globetrotting experiences. From the deserts of Morocco to the beaches of Brazil, ‘The Absence’ pulses to the hypnotic rhythms of Fado, Tango and Samba. Melody is joined on the album by acclaimed musicians; bassist John Leftwich, percussionist Paulihno DaCosta and drummers Jim Kelter and Peter Erskine among many others.

Lead track ‘Mira’ is a warm bossa nova accent with a heart of gold, accompanied by a vibrant video shot in the streets and alleyways of Rio de Janeiro. Then there’s ‘Lisboa’, a glimpse of Melody’s stay in the Portuguese capital capturing the musical sounds of the streets.

Other album highlights include the classic Gershwin swell of ‘So We Meet Again My Heartache’, the tango-ready ‘Goodbye’, and the uplifiting world-beat of ‘Amalia’ – the first single, released May 21st which was co-written by Pereira and Phil Roy.

A renowned film composer (Despicable Me, Its Complicated, From Prada To Nada) – Heitor Pereira has also worked with Simply Red, Sting and Seal as a world-class session guitarist. “It was a beautiful connection,' Melody says of their meeting. 'I needed a partner - a collaborator, and a bit of genius in his own right. Someone crazy enough to understand how serious I am when I say, 'I want to play palm leaves and a washboard’ - and make it work.”

Heitor Teixeira Pereira (a.k.a. Heitor TP), guitar
John Leftwich, bass
Paulinho da Costa, percussion
Jim Keltner, drums
Peter Erskine, drums
Melody Gardot, vocal

'Produced by Brazilian composer and guitarist Heitor Pereira, and woven from wafts of intricately picked acoustic guitar, heat-hazy flutes and silky strings, it's music that moves with the soft, supple drama of a flamenco dancer's fan. Songs of wandering souls and aching hearts are embroidered with klezma clarinet, moody drifts of harmonica and castanet flourishes. Gardot's dusky voice smoulders as it slinks and scats through the mix - never breaking a sweat but always in control as she sings in English, French and Portuguese.' (The Telegraph)

*The mastering resolution of this tracks has being adjusted to match the overall sampling rate.

The Beginning
Every artist has a story. Melody's is at the heart of her music. When she was 19, Melody was hit by a car. During her recovery she used music as a form of therapy, even recording and releasing tracks while still in the hospital. Once out, she started playing around Philadelphia. Before long Universal Records signed her. Her first full-length album, Worrisome Heart, displayed her gift for transforming the traditions of jazz and blues with her intimate and personal sound. It also set a soulful artist with a small but strong following onto the world stage.

Melody's Evolution
After the critical acclaim that met her debut Melody was ready. Ready to work with Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein to create an album that would capture the subtleties of a live performance in the studio. Ready to collaborate with legendary composer Vince Mendoza, whose orchestral arrangements she thought of as a secret weapon on her album. Ready to grow as an artist. Ready to evolve her sound.

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